Sunday, August 13, 2023


down on main clawson car show

The annual DOWN ON MAIN car show took place this weekend in Clawson, Michigan. Each year around 500 classic and customized cars cruise into the city's downtown where a 1/2 mile of Main Street is closed to traffic for displaying them. The event is a fundraiser for the local Lions Club

The highlight of the Down on Main Clawson Car Show for me was a 1962 Austin-Healey. This British sports car maker had a twenty year run (1952-1972) making some of the finest roadsters of the time. I would love to have one of these to enjoy as a summertime weekend fun car. Imagine driving it on the open road for a road trip!

austin healey roadster

This Austin-Healey was the model for the first Barbie dream car created by Mattel. Its owner keeps with one of the toys that he had Earl Scheib paint for him in its original peach color. Talking with him brought back memories of my first car in high school that I had bondoed out the rust and had Earl Scheib repaint if for me. That Buick Skyhawk was my pride and joy all the way through college.

austin healey barbie car
barbie dream car

The movie geek in me was also thrilled to see a Delorean parked on Main Street. Who hasn't dreamed of putting the pedal to the metal to hit 88 mph in a Delorean? No flux capacitor in this car though. So, the only time traveling this Delorean will be doing is providing nostalgic memories for those of us who were around to see the Back to the Future movies when they originally played in theaters. Still based upon this being a classic movie car it is always exciting to get a close up look at one.

From motor city muscle cars to customized VW bugs there was a lot to take in at this car show. If you missed this year's event, I recommend making an effort to stop by this car show in 2024. The Down on Main car show takes place each August the Saturday the week before the Woodward Dream Cruise. Mark your calendar! This downtown Clawson car show absolutely earns a Geek Daddy nod of approval for being an interesting event whether your interest in cars is as a casual driver or you are a diehard gearhead. Walking the mile loop around Main Street is not just a scenic delight but also a nice way to get your steps in for the weekend.

2023 Clawson Car Show

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