Friday, September 8, 2023


metal and monsters

A new episode of the Gibson TV YouTube series METAL AND MONSTERS has just been released ... and it is a TEXAS SIZED show! Metal and Monsters host Count D interviews longtime friends Rex Brown (Pantera) and Dug Pinnick (Kings X) as they reunite for an evening of stories surrounding friendship, music, and their Texas roots. Filmmaker, director, producer, and actor Roger Corman is also featured in special segment with an intimate interview reflecting on his early career. 

This is the third episode in the series which is dedicated to heavy metal and monster culture. Metal and Monsters can be viewed for FREE on the YouTube Gibson TV channel or at I'm always GEEKED when a new episode of Metal and Monsters is released! 

In addition to his off the cuff conversations with the Metal rockers from Pantera and Kings X, Count D also includes a music focused segment "Tunes from The Crypt" that details the history of the landmark album “Leprosy” from Florida death metal legends Death. Viewers also have the chance to win several different Death prizes including CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, Halloween masks and two exclusive Death skateboards courtesy of Check Your Head Skateboards.

Known as “The King of Cult” and “The Pope of Pop Cinema,” famed director and producer Roger Corman is featured in a segment titled “Exhumed From The Tomb.” Not only is Roger responsible for films including The Raven, Little Shop of Horrors, The Fast & The Furious and Death Race 2000, but he is also credited for launching the careers of film legends Jack Nicholson, Ron Howard, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Scorsese, and Francis Ford Coppola.

roger corman gibson tv metal and monsters

In the segment “Terror Trek,” the show heads to Las Vegas to visit KISS WORLD at the Rio Hotel to explore Gene Simmons iconic personal collection of KISS memorabilia. Viewers are also treated to guest appearances from Brent Fitz (drums), and Todd “Dammit” Kerns (bass) from Slash and KISS drummer Eric Singer.


Catch up on the past episodes of Gibson TV’s “Metal and Monsters,” including Episode 1 which features interviews with Freddy Krueger, aka Robert Englund of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Don Dokken. Episode 2 of “Metal and Monsters” offers an in depth interview with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett regarding all things monsters, metal, and horror. Watch as Kirk talks about the films that helped shaped his love of horror including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, and Nosferatu, as well as making music in Metallica, his solo album "Portals", and his top 10 horror bands of all time by checking out the Gibson TV channel on YouTube.

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