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whey jennings amazing grace

Growing up attending Catholic School, I've heard my fair share of choir hymns in mass throughout my life and the one that really struck a chord with me is Amazing Grace. My wife teases me to this day because I had the song performed during our wedding ceremony despite her thinking of it as a "funeral" song. For me though, Amazing Grace is a song about overcoming obstacles to lead your best life. What are your thoughts about this song?

Based upon my fondness for Amazing Grace, a new rendition of the song by Whey Jennings caught my attention. Following the family roots of his Country Music Hall of Fame inducted grandfather, Waylon Jennings, Whey provides some country soul in an acoustic rendition of the church hymn. Check out his performance:

“Amazing Grace is a beautiful and spiritual song that has touched my soul for as long as I can remember,” Whey Jennings commented to “It’s a song that I’ve always felt the need to record, and this just seemed like the right time to finally do that, given everything that’s happened in my own life over the last few years.”

If you'd like to check out a musical performance by Whey Jennings, here are some chances to see him in person this year:

FEB 03 - Sorry Charlies 2nd Anniversary Bash / New Smyrna Beach, Fla. 

FEB 04 - Everglades Seafood Festival / Everglades City, Fla. 

FEB 17 - Crossroads 44 Country Concert / Eustis, Fla. 

JUL 03 - J&S Roadhouse / West Milford, NJ 

JUL 05 - Beachem Bash / Elwood City, Pa. 

JUL 06 - Real Country Riverfest / Alexandria, Pa. 

JUL 07 - Dove Valley Winery / Rising Sun, MD 

AUG 01 - Clayton County Fair / Garnavillo, Ia. 

AUG 24 - Americans Supporting Armed Services / Malone, N.Y.

whey jennings

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