Saturday, March 23, 2024


ghostbusters frozen empire

Are you a fan of the baby Stay Puft marshmallow men from the GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE movie? Then you'll be geeked to know they make a return in the new Ghostbusters movie that hit theaters this weekend. With that in mind, don't fly out of your seat when the movie ends, as there is a mid-credit scene featuring these gremlins. You don't need to stay till the credits end scrolling though as there is just one extra scene in the movie.

Do you like the inclusion of mid and post credit scenes at the end of movies? Do you stay in the theater or wait until home video releases to see these bonus scenes? Are you geeked that the Stay Puft marshallow men are featured in a GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE mid-credit scene?

ghostbusters frozen empire

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