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CMON Marvel Zombies Easter Egg Hunt

Normally in a game of Zombicide players work together to cooperatively overcome challenges as one united team. It is players versus zombies. Over the Easter weekend though, game maker CMON released a free add-on scenario for the Marvel Zombies edition of the game. In "Good Egg Hunting" players are divided into two teams of heroes competing against one another to gather the most Easter Eggs hidden within a zombie infested mansion that once housed Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. 

This new Easter Egg themed scenario utilizes the components and rules of the X-Men Resistance hero box for Marvel Zombies gameplay. Two to four players divide into two teams of X-Men to see who can come out on top in this Marvel Zombies challenge. Race around the mansion trying to pick up as many of the objective cards that Professor Xavier hid throughout it. Don't linger because whichever teams scores the most points in 8 rounds is the winner.

Watch out for the zombies, but also the players on the other team! This Marvel Zombies add-on scenario allows players on the other team to steal your Easter Eggs from you. Earn one point for each red egg collected, two points for the rare blue egg and three points for the green one. Plus earn bonus points for rescuing bystanders and eliminating zombies. Whichever team has the most cumulative points after 8 rounds wins the game and gets Zombicide bragging rights.

My daughter and I battled it out in this Marvel Zombies Easter Egg Hunt. I selected Colossus and Wolverine to be my heroes. She selected Rogue and Storm

marvel zombies xmen resistance
cmon marvel zombies

There are four types of zombie enemies to battle in Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance. James Madrox, the Multiple Man, became infected by the zombie virus and now keeps replicating creating an ever growing herd of walkers. The Hellfire Club's cybernetically enhanced tank-like Reavers now are lumbering brutes of zombies.  And with the zombies in the Marvel universe retaining some semblance of intelligence, the Hellfire Club assassins are more dangerous then ever now they have turned into monsters that are running all over the place. 

If those three types of zombies weren't bad enough, also lurking around are heroes and villains that have turned into zombies overwhelmed with hunger. Players potentially have to face off against Cyclops, Dark Phoenix, Iceman, Juggernaut, Pyslocke and Sabretooth who are roaming the X-Men mansion grounds as zombies. All these zombies have their own special abilities and traits to strike fear in even the most powerful of the Avengers or X-Men. Don't let the fact they are zombies now have you let your guard down. These zombies are uncannily dangerous! 

So how did we fare in our "Good Egg Hunting" challenge? It was a close contest, but Colossus and Wolverine prevailed over Rogue and Storm ... by 2 points. My grabbing both the blue and green eggs plus stealing a red one from my daughter were what put me over the top in the points total. All in all though we both won because it was a fun family game night playing CMON Zombicide Marvel Zombies edition.

marvels zombies hero mode

The Marvel Zombies corebox and X-Men Resistance gameplay box are available to purchase at Download a pdf of the "Good Egg Hunting" for FREE from this post or by visiting Happy hunting! 

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