Friday, May 3, 2013

Free Comic Book Day will have special THE WALKING DEAD exclusive comic issue

When it comes to comic books I don’t tend to buy monthly individual issues but rather purchase the graphic novel compilation of story arcs that I want to read.  For example with THE WALKING DEAD I’ve never bought one of the comic’s serial issues, but rather purchased the two compendiums  to enjoy reading all at once rather than wait to follow the story in monthly  installments.  That has worked out well so far because all of the stories thus far have been reprinted in graphic novels bundling together all the monthly issues of the comic. That won’t be the case this month though as IMAGE COMICS is releasing a special issue of THE WALKING DEAD comic book for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY that won’t be reprinted in the graphic novel collections of the series.

The FREE COMIC BOOK DAY issue will include an exclusive short story featuring the character Tyreese – WARNING SPOILER - who was recently introduced to the AMC tv show at about the same point in the comic book timeline that he was killed off.  I think it’s great how the tv show incorporates characters and elements from the comic books yet presents the show in a different perspective so that you can enjoy both mediums together without either necessarily spoiling the suspense  or drama of the other. Tyreese has been a fan favorite of the comic book crowd and from his portrayal on the tv show I believe will become a central character for that series too.  The FREE COMIC BOOK DAY issue should be both an interesting story to read and a nice collectible for THE WALKING DEAD fans.  Additionally, the comic will also feature previously published short stories about Michonne, Morgan and the Governor.  I’ll definitely be picking up a copy of this exclusive issue at the local comic book store on May 4 for myself.

THE WALKING DEAD creator Robert Kirkman provided a nice interview on the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY website about this special issue saying he wanted to “provide fans something cool for free.” CLICK HERE to read the full Robert Kirkman interview about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

While FREE COMIC BOOK DAY will have a lot of nice issues to pick up for children, if you haven’t read THE WALKING DEAD or watched the tv show please note this comic is absolutely not for perusing by kids.  Robert Kirkman actually notes in his FREE COMIC BOOK DAY interview that its “a great time for parents to bring their kids out to a comic store as a lot of the books (NOT The Walking Dead) are geared towards younger readers.” CLICK HERE to read my previous blog  post on some of these comic books that will be available geared towards a younger audience.

Not sure where to go to pick up a FREE comic book for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY – just go to the website and enter your zip code.  Their easy search feature will provide you with the information on the closest comic book shop(s) participating in the event.

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