Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disney Movies Float to the Cloud

Along with today's digital release of the movie FROZEN, a month before it is available to purchase for DVD, Walt Disney Studies also debuted a new cloud-based movie viewing service called Disney Movies Anywhere. Disney Movies Anywhere will allow people to watch Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Studios movies on an Internet browser, Apple TV (through iCloud or Airplay) or via a free app for their iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.  Disney's 400-plus active library of digital movies will be available to users who will still need to pay for each movie but won't need to store it on DVDs or on their own hard drives anymore.  Purchased movies will be available for online streaming from the Cloud 24/7.  Cloud storage means that the data files for the movies will be stored on centralized computer services and transmitted to your computer or IOS device through the Internet upon your requesting to view them.


Consumers who have previously purchased a Disney movie through iTunes or redeemed a digital copy from the codes that have been included with DVD and Blu-ray products since 2008 will be able to have those transferred to this new service.  Disney Movies Anywhere users can connect their iTunes and Disney Movie Rewards accounts to transfer their past purchases to this new service.  New purchases made via the Disney Movies Anywhere website or app will also automatically be connected to a user's iTunes account for accessibility and will receive Disney Movie Rewards points for their digital purchases.

For a limited time, iTunes users who register their accounts with Disney Movies Anywhere will also get a free digital copy of the Disney-Pixar movie THE INCREDIBLES.  A nice free bonus for synchronizing your accounts.

For more information, visit:  disneymoviesanywhere.com

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