Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The History Channel's VIKINGS are back for a second season of of brawling and pillaging.  Season 2 starts Thursday, February 27th and the show that raided other networks viewers during its first season by gaining an average viewership of 5 million U.S. households per episode is hoping to build on its popularity in 2014.  VIKINGS airs at 10pm EST.

I hadn't started watching the show when it first aired because I thought it was going to be a documentary on the Vikings, but caught an episode while flipping channels one night and became hooked on the show.  It is more drama than documentary with action scenes and plots that are reminiscent of Games of Thrones but without the fantasy elements of the HBO series.  

VIKINGS while not entirely historically accurate is inspired by true tales of the raiding, trading and exploring of medieval Scandinavian Norsemen.  The show is based on the exploits of a legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his family.  In Season 1, Ragnar builds a new longship that can travel further across the sea than any Viking ship beforehand.  He uses this ship to raid unexplored North East England returning to Scandinavia with enough loot and influence to overturn his local village ruler and take charge himself.  As the new village leader, Ragnar pledges his loyalty to the Norse King and is sent as an emissary negotiate a solution to a land dispute with a neighboring kingdom.

Season 2 begins with negotiations in the land dispute faltering leading to war, disease ravaging the village Ragnor left behind where his wife and children are residing, and a princess seducing the Viking chieftan becoming pregnant with his child. So what will befall Ragnar Lothbrok, his crew and his family?  I don't know, we'll all have to tune in this season on the History Channel to find out.

While you are waiting for Season 2 to begin, check out this FREE comic book by Zenescope on Comixology: . The saga of the History Channel's VIKINGS begins with this thrilling prequel to Season 1.  Join Ragnar and Rollo as they bravely fight for their father in his final battle.  This battle plants the seeds for the brothers' epic rivalry and introduces a fierce shieldmaiden destined to change their lives forever.  You can also currently watch all of Season 1's episode on the Vikings section of the History Channel website if you need to catch up with the show before watching the Season 2 premiere. I encourage you to check out Season 2 of the Vikings...that's what I'll be watching Thursday night after I've put the kids to bed for the night.

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