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 UPDATE:  Ron O. from California won the DVD giveaway.

I was excited last year when I started seeing television commercials for WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE.  My kids are like their Dad and geeked about all things dinosaurs and I thought this would be a fun bonding afternoon at the movie theater with them going to see it.  The animation in the promos looked incredible and made the movie seem like an exciting adventure with some excellent educational elements to it.  Than we went to see THE CROODS and had to leave the theater during the show when my son and daughter both freaked out becoming very scared by the Tiger that attacks the main characters at the beginning of that movie.  We decided to wait awhile before going back to the movies with our kids and missed WALKING WITH DINOSAURS while it was at theaters.

The good news is that WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE is now available for digital download and will be released on Bluray/DVD on March 25, 2014.  We're all set to see it now as my kids (now a year older) recently made it through the snow monster scene in FROZEN at the movie theater without incident and I'm sure they're up to going on a trek with dinosaurs now without getting scared.  WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE takes viewers 70 million years into the past to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.  You follow, Patchi, the smallest of his herd of dinosaurs as he stomps through trials and tribulations to eventually become leader of the pack. The movie is rated PG for creature action & peril, and mild rude humor.  To note for comparison if you are concerned about the PG rating for a family movie that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the Madagascar movies, Wreck it Ralph, and Frozen all had that rating but you may want to do a parental pre-screening of the movie before having younger viewers see it.

To help promote the Bluray/DVD release of WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has provided us with some nice coloring pages and activity sheets I've posted below that you can download for your kids.  Plus they have donated one Bluray/DVD/Digital Edition movie prize pack to give away to one of our lucky blog readers.  For a chance to win a WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE Bluray/DVD/Digital Edition prize pack look at the educational activity sheets below for the answer to this question:  What type of dinosaur is Patchi?  Email your answer along with your name and address to  thegeekdaddy @ yahoo [dot] com  to be entered to win.  One entry per person and only open to USA/CANADA.  I will randomly pick one e-mail from all those received with the correct answer and provide the winner's information to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for the prize's delivery.  Contest entries must be received by 11:59pm EST Monday, March 24, 2014.

One of the things I'm really looking forward to checking out is the interactive bonus content that will be bundled along with the movie.  There are some educational elements that look as if they will provide some teachable lessons through fun activities. The bonus content includes:

"The Ultimate Dino Guide" that allows you to go on a journey to uncover the greatest secrets of your favorite dinos and learn about other Cretaceous creatures.  Check out this clip from the bonus feature:

"Match the Call"  hear how Dinos communicated with friends and foes.  Do you have the skills to learn and identify the calls of specific dinos?

"Interactive Map" provides a tour of where dinos roamed the earth and comparing it to where people live today.

"Brainosaur Trivia Track" when turned on lets you become a dino expert as pop-up tips and trivia entertain and educate you while watching the movie.

While you are waiting for the release of WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE on Bluray or DVD enjoy these coloring pages and activity sheets.  Remember to look through them to identify what type of dinosaur PATCHI is to enter our blog giveaway! To enlarge the pictures just click on the images.

CONTEST RULES/DISCLAIMER:  By participating in this contest, entrants acknowledge the Giveaway Prize will be provided by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and I am not liable for the prize to the randomly selected winner.  By submitting an entry to win this prize, winner grants the right to have his or her name published to identify them as the winner of this contest and waives any liability relating to the delivery or acceptance of this prize.   I did not receive financial compensation for hosting this contest or writing about the movie, but as a member of the FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT INSIDERS bloggers team I do receive a complimentary DVD review copy of the movies that I post about and host contests for on this blog, including WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE MOVIE.  The opinions expressed are my own and I am not obligated to write a positive review

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