Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who doesn't love getting something in the mail?

Subscription Boxes are a New Trend

Hey admit it you love getting something special in the mail, maybe it is that recent purchase you made online, a present from a friend, or a Christmas Card.  Yeah a mail box full of bills and junk mail sucks, but when you get something special it really can brighten up your day.  That feel of excitement and enthusiasm is being marketed to people as numerous businesses are sprouting up that provide themed gift boxes that people can subscribe to have sent to them in the mail.  Many of these subscription boxes surprise their subscribers with specially selected goodies adding to the thrill of opening up a new package each time it arrives.  I've notice this is really becoming a hot trend lately as people talk about their most recent "unboxing" (opening their newest package they received in the mail) on twitter, facebook & youtube.

Subscription boxes for men range include artisan crafted cured meats "the Carnivore Club", a tie of the month "Root Bizzle" ,  and survival gear "The Bug Out Box".  Frequency of delivery range from a one time purchase to quarterly deliveries to monthly deliveries.  Also price varies from $10 to more than $100 per box.  Shipping and handling is included with some packages and for others it costs extra.  So it is important to do some research before providing your credit card information to purchase one of these subscription boxes.  Subscriptionbox.com is a nice website that profiles and reviews on the various services and products out there that I'd recommend checking out before you buy anything.

Here are a few of the more popular services I've come across when it comes to signing up to get a special treat in the mail:

NERD BLOCK - Starting at $19.99 per month, subscribers receive mystery boxes that include nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables.

LOOT CRATE - Starting at $13.37 per month plus shipping & handling, subscribers receive a geeky themed package filled with mystery items that include t-shirts, toys, and collectables.

BIRCHBOX- For $20 a month users receive a box filled with grooming and lifestyle samples.

MANPACKS - Sends quarterly package filled with things like underwear, razors, socks and deodorant.  You select the products you want to receive and pay whatever they add up to be.

GIZMO CRATE -  Starting at $29 per month you get a surprise box of snacks and gadgets.

JACKED PACK -  Sends you monthly samples of sports/nutritional supplements to try out.

GROVER & FRIENDS - Starting at $50 sends you a monthly surprise pack of premium clothing.

MAN CRATES - These aren't a monthly subscription service but rather stand alone gift sets that you can order one at a time starting at a $24.99 price tag for a Bacon Jerkygram and going up to $180 for a Zombie Annihilation Crate.  


I myself haven't actually pulled the trigger on purchasing any of these mail order packages or services. While they seem fun and cool not sure if it is worth spending $20+ dollars per month for the thrill factor of getting something in the mail, that adds up quickly when you get involved in a 6 month or annual subscription.  So what do you think of these subscription services?  If you use them now or decide to try any of these services out leave a comment below or send an email to thegeekdaddy [at] yahoo [dot] com to share your experience with us.

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