Thursday, September 4, 2014

When heading back to school make sure you have all your kid's gear labeled with Kidecals

This was a big week in our household...our twin's have graduated from being preschoolers and were starting their first full week of school in Kindergarten.  Not only did we have to deal with all of the anxieties of going to a new school and transitioning from attending classes a few days a week for half a day to going everyday for a full day, but we also had to prepare for addressing our children's food allergies in this new school year.  Ingesting food contaminated by or containing peanuts or absorbing peanut oil into her skin can be deadly for our daughter.  For our son tree nuts can cause his eyes to swell up or potentially even trigger anaphylactic shock.  So it is important for us to do what we can to alert people they need to be cautious and considerate when it comes to eating and handling food around our children.

We used Kidecals labels to help alert others who are around our children about their food allergies.  We placed Kidecals labels on the kids' lunchboxes, backpacks, and water bottles so that they wouldn't easily visible to teachers, parents and students.  You can customize the wording on Kidecals' various designs but we decided to stick with the basic "no nuts" message for ours.  Having a clear visible image to communicate the message like the one we selected in addition to text is so important in making a warning stand out especially when dealing with younger children.

If you want to customize your labels though it is very easy to do.  While you are ordering online at look for the description box next to the image of the design you would like to order.  Say you don't want the standard message "No Nuts" and instead want to place your daughter Cinderella's name on it instead to personalize the label.  Just type in Cinderella in the text box and voila! you'll see the image next to the description box change to show you what your customized label looks like.  Just select the number of labels you want and hit submit to initiate your order.  Simple as that!


In addition to the customization features, what is nice about these labels are that they are very durable and waterproof.  Kidecals are made from self-adhesive vinyl with eco sol inks and laminated with a clear topcoat to ensure durability.  These labels are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe so you don't have to worry about peeling them off when it comes to cleaning any of your kids clothes and gear they might be on.  These aren't just for food allergy warnings there are numerous potential uses for these as kids head back to school such as identifying jackets or bags, personalizing sports equipment, and providing some personality to notebooks and other school supplies.

My wife and I have genuinely been impressed by the quality of these labels which have exceeded our initial expectations.  If you have school aged children, I'd encourage you to swing by the website and see what they have to offer.

Disclaimer:  A Geek Daddy Blog received a complimentary order of Kidecals to review.  A positive review was not required of this blog and the views/opinions expressed are my own.


  1. How awesome! I placed an order with them recently and am just waiting for it to arrive! They look so sturdy and will be the perfect way for my daughter to hopefully keep track of her items better at school and karate!

  2. This is so great! I will have to share this with our friends who have a child with a nut allergy!

  3. That is a great thing to have - I know someone who is also allergic to tree nuts, and gets severe reactions if he eats them.

  4. My son's school is a "peanut free zone" because of nut allergies. These labels are definitely a good way to keep the kids safe.

  5. Nice idea for kids with allergies. I know that school time can be very stressful for you. Im sorry.