Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Star Wars Fans in your Life

It's an exciting time for the Star Wars franchise with the recent launch of a popular television series, Marvel debuting new comic book series early in 2015 and a new blockbuster feature film hitting movie theaters at the end of next year.  This year would be a great time to tie in to that excitement when purchasing holiday gifts for the Star Wars fans in your life.  Here are a few gift ideas that this Geek Daddy would be glad to give or receive.

Take command of the neighborhood holiday decoration contest by displaying The Dark Lord of the Sith and your own personal Death Star on your front lawn.  You may laugh but you know you want this!


A good ball cap is a staple of most guys casual wardrobe when out and about, doing yard work, or just hanging out around the house.  New Era 39Thirty caps give the option of sporting the Rebel Alliance or Imperial banners on a stylish and comfortable hat.

Women have ear rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings but for most guys the jewelry of choice is a nice wristwatch.  $190 for a Comic Con San Diego exclusive watch where only 150 were made isn't a bad price for this Darth Vader Stainless Steel timepiece that is stylish enough that the mature adult will be comfortable donning it in public.

For those guys looking for a more sophisticated time piece but still want to show off their passion for Star Wars check out the SEIKO Stormtrooper wrist watch.  It's pricey at more than a thousand dollars but it really is incredible.

So it seems a staple of gifts for Dad are socks, ties and under wear.  If you are giving these items to a man in your life how about having fun with a Star Wars theme?

No one but dad will know that he's wearing these Darth Vader or stormtrooper socks under his suit slacks, work khakis or jeans.

Guys can wear these ties with the Rebel Alliance or Imperial logos on them with their suits and only other Star Wars fans will notice the connection on these nice fashionable pieces. 

These fun Star Wars boxers will make any geek dad smile.

If the dad in your life is going to be wearing t-shirts as part of their attire make sure it is a cool one! Can't beat this Chewbacca Photo Bomb shirt to help dad standout as the hip guy at the kids school drop-off or pick-up.


Here are some items that aren't just fun to have but also can be useful.  

We all need ice cubes!  Choose from a tray featuring some of the most popular vehicles from the Star Wars universe or a set of trays that feature some of the franchise's most memorable images.

These BBQ thongs are impressive, most impressive ... and who doesn't need a light saber flash light?!

Boba Fett is my favorite Star Wars character and I just thought this pillow case was nicely done and unique.

Who wouldn't want R2D2 as their co-pilot.  This USB charger sits in your vehicle's cup holder and charges your electronic gear while you are on the go.  A great feature of this device is it whistles and hoots just like the R2 unit from the movies. 


For younger children this R2D2 operation game looks great to play while for older kids this X-wings Minatures Game brings the space battles from the movies to a board game.

My son and I have been collecting Hasbro's 6 inch action figure line as a fun hobby for us to do together and this Boba Fett character has been impossible to find at stores...but it is available at  This line of toys provides more intricate articulation and sculpture details than the 3 inch Star Wars figures that I collected as a kid.

When I saw this LEGO AT-AT play set on display at the store all I could say was WOW! It was like I was an eight year old again and I wanted it!

My son loves the new animated television series STAR WARS: REBELS and this new Commander series of toys by Hasbro let kids play out the adventures of the show with plastic molded figures similar to the green army men of my youth.  This JEDI DUEL play set features the characters from STAR WARS: REBELS and is a must have for any kid who enjoys the show.


With all the upcoming activity going on involving the Star Wars universe from movies to toys to books to television shows stay informed with a subscription to Star Wars Insider Magazine.

Whether you want to read these for bedtime stories, down time on vacation, or just on a lazy Saturday afternoon A Star Wars Pop-Up Guide to the Universe, Darth Vader and Son, and Vader's Little Princess are great for parents to enjoy with their little ones.

A new book titled TARKIN tells the background of the powerful villain who held Darth Vader's leash in the original Star Wars movie.  For such an important character very little has been known about him til now.  This is a must read for die-hard Star Wars fans!

George Lucas original screenplay for Star Wars was a lot different than the film that was released in movie theaters in 1977.  Dark Horse Comics recently released a graphic novel adaption of Lucas first draft titled THE STAR WARS.  An interesting visual experience to enjoy on a Kindle.


Check out these beanies to wear when the weather is frightful.  You can be Princess Leia or R2D2 when braving Hoth like weather outside.


Encourage your kids to brush with a GUM light saber toothbrush that really glows while it cleans their teeth.  My kids have these and love them!

Build your own miniature metallic Millennium Falcon with this fun model kit from Metal Earth.

PEZ are always a great candy treat and for my kids with food allergies they are peanut and tree nut allergy safe which makes them especially great.

Everyone needs a LEGO Darth Vader flashlight / key chain ... don't they?

  Hot Wheels also has a lineup of Star Wars inspired toy cars that are a perfect fit for a holiday stocking this year.

On a final note as you are waiting for the release of Star Wars Episode VII why not go through and watch all the movies again.  Pick up the Blu-ray complete compilation and enjoy it throughout the time off you have for the holidays.

A Geek Daddy wishes everyone a happy holiday season and don't worry December 18, 2015 will be here before you know it.  Won't that be the best holiday present ever for a Star Wars fan!


  1. Such a fun round-up! I would definitely go for that R2D2 hat, light saber tongs and Pez...because I would love those in my stocking since I'm a kid at heart :)

  2. Such a great list! We need one of everything!

  3. Great list. Could this secretly be your Christmas list? :)