Saturday, February 7, 2015

Check Out JURASSIC WORLD Through its Park Cams Before the June Opening

Can't wait to check out the JURASSIC WORLD theme park?  You may want to visit its official website that is full of information including a map of  Isla Nublar, the day's temperature on the island, the current attendance, attraction overviews, and trivia.  It even has " live park cam" feeds so you can get a first hand behind the scenes look at staff mucking out dinosaur pens, eggs getting ready to crack open in the hatchery, staff working in the creation lab, or how long the line is to ride the gyrosphere from your PC or mobile device.  It really is a great website chock-full of information about the theme park and the dinosaurs on exhibit.


If you want to always be at the front of the line and get exclusive first access to news about JURASSIC WORLD or updates to the website before they are unlocked to the public sign up for a RAPTOR PASS. Provide your name and e-mail to be sent special alerts about JURASSIC WORLD and you'll be included in the VIP list of fans who gets details first.  Hey all I needed to know was that Jurassic World has its own Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville to be sold that this is my kinda place!

While unfortunately we can't visit a real dinosaur theme park, JURASSIC WORLD will be opening to the public on movie screens at theaters across the United States on June 12, 2015.

They've really done a top-notch job with the movie's website that provides an authentic feel of an amusement park.  I encourage you to check it out before going to see the movie because it really does provide you a nice orientation of the scenery and helps set up the plot so you can dive right into the adventure...just don't dive into the Mosasaurus pool.

You are going to see the movie?!  I've been a fan of these dinosaur movies since I first saw the rippling water glass scene introducing the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. So you know I'll be going to the theater to see Jurassic World because you really need to watch a movie about dinosaurs on a "big" screen.  This seems like a perfect movie for an IMAX experience.  So bring on the T-Rex, Indominus Rex, and Velociraptors.  It will be an interesting twist in this movie that I'll be looking out for as it appears the villainous raptors may be playing the part of heroes in this chapter of the Jurassic movie saga.

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So would you go to a real life Jurassic World theme park like the one portrayed in this movie? Share with us which dinosaur you would be most excited to see at a real life amusement park or in JURASSIC WORLD the movie.  Leave a comment below or tweet @Geeky_Dad with the hashtag #JURASSICGEEK.

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