Sunday, February 8, 2015

Web Slinging is One of the Best Aspects of Marvel's Spider-Man Character

My son is really into Spider-Man right now...the web slinger is on his shoes, lunchbox, bed sheets, and most recently his birthday cake.  So to say he was excited when we received an unexpected mystery box on our front porch the other day that had Marvel's Spider-Man displayed on its side would be an understatement.  My kids were thrilled to open it up and find the box full of toys!  Hasbro generously sent us some ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: WEB WARRIORS toys for the kids to play with.

As Disney XD's hit animated series ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN enters its third season in 2015, the show is expanding its name and cast.  This season the show, which is a fixture of Disney XD's Sunday Morning cartoon lineup, is called ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: WEB WARRIORS and joining Peter Parker's adventures are Spider-Man 2099, Iron-Spider, Miles Morales and other characters from Marvel's Spider-verse.  Along with the new aspects to the show also comes a new toy line from Hasbro that lets kids become Web Warriors too.

Web slinging really has to be the best aspect of Spider-Man.  Who wouldn't want to be able to swing from roof top to roof top across a city or sling a bolt of web at someone?!   Hasbro's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: WEB WARRIORS toy line focus on letting children be web slingers themselves.  Its action figures, racers, and web blaster gloves let kids launch high-flying webs, just like their favorite heroes.  After some trial and error and practice, my son became a super hero at knocking down the bad guy targets that come along with the toys.

While both my son and daughter had fun playing with the Web Slingers 6" action figures and Agent Venom ATV racer we received, it was the Spider-Man Web Slinger Blaster glove that won the day for my son's interest.  He has been jumping, flipping and racing throughout the house pretending he is Spider-Man since we got it.  This Spidey glove lets kids shoot webs at targets like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man slings them at the villains he faces off against.  The best part of this toy though is that it includes motion activated sound effects that enhance the role playing aspect of pretending to be Spider-Man swinging and slinging his way through an adventure. Because of the quality of the sound effects with this toy, my son has actually been using his imagination to pretend web swinging and slinging as Spider-Man more than using the physical web shooter component of the toy.

Note the glove is on the small side, my wife and I couldn't fit it on our hands, so it is most likely best suited for children 5 to 7 years old.  While there could be some parental concern over shooting plastic objects from a toy, the projectiles have a light rubbery texture and don't seem to reach a velocity that would make them dangerous.  Still instructing children to never aim these toys at someone's face would be an important must and some parental supervision may be necessary depending on a child's maturity, behavior and other variable circumstances that could arise.  From our own experience, we found there to be minimal concern for the web slinging aspect of these toys.

Once your child has mastered knocking down the individual targets that come with each toy, you may want to challenge them with the WEB SLINGERS TRICKSHOT SHOWDOWN PLAYSET.  This arena includes a spinning Venom and collapsing Green Goblin targets plus 3 other targets to challenge your web slinger.  Plus it has a spinning crane and crash through doors that kids can have the 6-inch Spider-Man figure that comes with the playset interact with.  The playset is recommend for 4 years and older with a retail price of $24.99.

In addition to receiving a TRICKSHOT SHOWDOWN PLAYSET, my children also received the following goodies from Hasbro:

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Web Slinger 6" Spider-Man Action Figure
(Ages 4 & up / Retail Price $9.99) - Choose from Spider-Man, Agent Venom, Spider-Man 2099 and other characters from the animated series Marvel's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: WEB WARRIORS.  Each figure has 5 points of articulation and includes two webs as well as a villain target.  Kids can launch high flying webs at the villains like their favorite Spider-Man character from the television show.

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Web Slingers Agent Venom ATV Racer (Ages 4 & up / Retail Price $14.99) - children can have fun spinning these wheeled vehicles around pretending to race after the bad guys and these vehicles can launch two webs from them.

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Web Slinger Blasters (Ages 5 and up / Retail Price $14.99) - Load a web onto your blaster, then pull back and launch it at the included target.  Hone your web-slinging abilities and help the Web Warriors defeat their enemies.  The Spider-Man Web Slingers Blaster lets you get in the action with your own Spider-Man gear!  Requires 2 AAA batteries.

Thanks Hasbro for sharing these toys with my kids!  While my son is the big Spider-Man fan in the house not only did he have a blast with these toys but our whole family had a marvelous time playing with them as well!

DISCLAIMER:  I was not provided any financial compensation for publishing this post and there was no promise made to Hasbro that if they provided complimentary products that they would receive a positive review or in fact any post on this blog at all.  Opinions and views expressed in this post are my own.  Some of the product information and photographs used in this post were provided to A Geek Daddy blog by Hasbro.


  1. Looks like some fun toys for kids. Did you hear that Spidey is now officially back in the Marvel universe now, too? (movie-wise)

  2. It looks like your kids are having lots of fun. Your daughter seems to like it also!

  3. Looks like they had a blast!! Spidey is one of my favorites, and like Elizabeth I am super excited he'll be joining the Marvel cinematic universe!!

  4. My little boy who is 3 years old loves Spider Man and of course, the avengers. Hope I can find the same toy so I can surprise him before his birthday :).