Monday, February 9, 2015

Say CHEESE! Our Most Recent Family Movie Night Selection Was THE BOXTROLLS

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Friday Night is Family Night at our house.  We always spend the evening having fun as a family either playing board games or watching movies.  With all the hustle and bustle throughout the week with work, school and the children's extracurricular activities, it is a nice night to stay at home, decompress from responsibilities, and enjoy some quality family bonding time.  For our most recent Family Movie Night we picked out THE BOXTROLLS to watch over a big bowl of Pop Secret Popcorn.

THE BOXTROLLS is really unique for today's movies because instead of relying on computer animation it was filmed using stop-motion techniques featuring elaborate props, sets, puppets and models.  This technique sets the movie apart from many of today's animated feature films and enhances the fairy tale tone of the film. The Boxtrolls is worth watching just to appreciate the stop-motion animation featured in it.

THE BOXTROLLS are underground dwelling creatures who go above ground at night to secretly collect trash and other items that they recycle into creations used to build  a marvelous lair.  They wear cardboard boxes for clothing and camouflage that they acquire during their gathering binges in the town above their underground  home.  The plot of the movie involves a young orphan boy named Egg, based upon the egg image on the box he wears, who has been raised by these creatures and must try to save them from an evil exterminator that is focused on eradicating The Boxtrolls.  This movie from the creators of the film Coraline does have a similar dark flair to it but is also the telling of a family friendly fairy tale filled with adventure and hijinks inspired by the children's novel "Here Be Monsters" by Alan Snow.

To get ready for our Family Movie Night we swung by Walmart to pickup the Blu-ray of THE BOXTROLLS from their movie aisle.

Of course, you need popcorn to go along with your movie so we also picked up a 10 count package of Pop Secret Home-Style Popcorn while we were at Walmart.  Of course if you are watching The Boxtrolls you need to have some CHEESE! so we grabbed Bacon Cheddar, Garlic Parmesan, Cheesy Jalapeno, and White Cheddar Kernel Seasons for our popcorn.

To have some extra fun for our The Boxtrolls Family Movie Night we let the kids create their own boxtrolls costumes to wear while we watched the film.  With some help from my lovely wife, I believe their boxes turned out pretty darn good.  Since The Boxtrolls is a stop-motion film, we did a fun spoof off of that and played a few rounds of stop-and-go musical chairs with everyone wearing boxes before we watched the movie.  Then we grabbed a big bowl of CHEESY Pop Secret popcorn (we mixed together Bacon Cheddar and White Cheddar seasonings) and enjoyed the film.  I will brag that I was the only one brave enough to eat the Cheesy Jalapeno popcorn which was put aside for me in my own small bowl.  Pop Secret is a great treat for our family not just because popcorn goes with movies like hotdogs with baseball but also because with our kid's severe peanut/tree nut food allergies we know that not only does it taste great but it is also safe to eat.

Our The Boxtrolls Family Movie Night was a great evening.  Stop by Walmart while supplies last to pick up THE BOXTROLLS and some Pop Secret for your own special family movie night.  Remember children grow up really fast...enjoy the time you have while they are young and want to spend time with mom and dad!


  1. Let me just say your movie night family tradition is a-mazing! And that comes from a popcorn lover. Seems like my son would like BoxTrolls. And your kids dressed in the gear is too cute!

  2. Sounds fun, I wanted to see the Boxtrolls in theaters but didn't get to. I just did a post with Kernel Season's too, their toppings are great!

  3. How cute! I love movie night with the kids. Every Friday we pick out a movie to watch and make a big to-do of it.

  4. Kids surely loved and enjoyed it! What a fun and great way to enjoy movie night (or day) together :)