Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OSRAM SYLVANIA Teams Up With Relationship Experts To Shed Light On How To Be A Valentine's Day Superhero

Whether you are newly dating someone or are in a long-term committed relationship, being a Valentine's Day superhero can often seem to be a daunting task.  This year, OSRAM SYLVANIA, a leading company in the lighting industry, has partnered with relationship experts Laurie Davis, Founder of eFlirt and author of Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating, and Thomas Edwards, Jr., Founder of The Professional Wingman, to offer some mood-setting tips.

OSRAM SYLVANIA's is the perfect side kick for setting the mood for a romantic evening with its LIGHTIFY portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting products that can be controlled and automated via an app from your mobile device.  From changing lighting color to dimming to simply switching lights on and off, combining LIGHTIFY's features with these tips from Davis and Edwards, who are also a married couple, can make for a super Valentine's Day:

Tips for the Ladies from Laurie Davis

#1 When you change the body language between you and your partner, it creates a different mood and connection.  This Valentine's Day, instead of watching a movie on the couch together, grab cooking utensils and make dinner together!  Top of the night by slow dancing in your living room.

#2 Teenage traditions are still fun even when you're in a committed relationship and well past those teen years.  Thomas and I still ask each other out on proper dates.  Even though I know he will say yes, it helps build anticipation and reminds us to make each other feel young even when we've been together for ages.

#3 Think of your partner first if you are the one planning Valentine's Day.  While they might not be the most romantic fare, hamburgers really make Thomas happy.  I'll pick up greasy burgers and a nice bottle of red wine, and I'm always guaranteed a smile and a light-hearted mood for the rest of the night.

#4 As we all know, color can affect your mood and emotions dramatically.  Use LIGHTIFY smart connected lighting kits and app to set the color of your LED lights in your home to match the mood you want to be in.  On Valentine's Day morning, I'll want blue lighting to help us wake up and be alert, but then I'll switch to red lighting that evening when I want to evoke passion.

Tips for the Gentlemen from Thomas Edwards, Jr.

#1   Enhance the five senses.  Your partner can become fully immersed in the environment when each sense is stimulated, allowing them to feel the emotions that come with each sense and associate those emotions with you.

#2  Hearing music can put your partner in almost any mood, from relaxed to seductive to loving.  For our living room dances, Laurie and I will turn off the lights or change them to a soft red with the LIGHTIFY Flex RGBW and dance to a soundtrack that I carefully curated, highlighting our favorite songs since we've been together.

#3  Scent is very powerful because one whiff can tap into millions of memories.  If you and your partner have specific romantic memories tied to smell, it can really amplify the mood.  One day, Laurie noticed I was wearing cologne I used to wear when we started dating.  It made her reminisce about the early days of our relationship, which brought a smile to her face.

#4  Surprisingly, what you wear can be another way to help set the mood.  When you wear something that looks good on you, you will project confidence, alluring your date even more.  It's the subtle touches on Valentine's Day, those favorite cufflinks or that new necklace, that can take it from any normal night to a truly special one.

"The most important thing to remember this Valentine's Day is to have fun and enjoy your partner's company first and foremost," noted Davis.  "And keep the romance going after Valentine's Day too!" added Edwards.

As these relationship experts both mentioned, LIGHTIFY can help you set the mood with lights on -- flirty, fun, relaxed -- or off.  Check out this fun video to see how LIGHTIFY can set the perfect lightscape and help make you a Valentine's Day Superhero:

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  1. Those are definitely some good/fun tips. I especially like the idea of still asking each other out! When you get comfortable and in a rut that's when you can start to feel less appreciated!