Saturday, August 8, 2015

Daniel Tiger Goes To School

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product from PBS Kids.  A Geek Daddy did not receive any financial compensation for this post.

Do you have children at home who may be getting ready to head to preschool, kindergarten or first grade as the summer wraps up.  If so your family will probably appreciate the new DVD being released by PBS KIDS on August 18, 2015 DANIEL GOES TO SCHOOL featuring stories from the popular The Fred Rogers Company's animated television series DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD.  This series centers around 5 year old Daniel Tiger, who is the son of the original Daniel Striped Tiger from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.  These shows also feature the children of other characters from Fred Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe including Prince Wednesday (the son of King Friday and Queen Saturday), Katerina Kittycat (daughter of Henrietta Pussycat), O the Owl (nephew of X the Owl), and Miss Elaina (daughter of Lady Elaine Fairchild and Music Man Stan).  The stories in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood involve topics that young children and their parents often encounter such as dealing with a new sibling, overcoming picky eating, and going to school.

With this new DVD, DANIEL GOES TO SCHOOL, youngsters can join Daniel Tiger and his friends as they head to school, where they discover that learning and using your imagination is grr-ific fun! It includes 8 fun-filled tales that will get kids excited about school and learning.  Some of the important lessons kids will learn from the adventures on DANIEL GOES TO SCHOOL include: everyone’s job is important and we all help in different ways, and, if you’re not successful at first, keep trying, and you’ll get better!  The DVD has a run time of approximately 100 minutes. The DANIEL GOES TO SCHOOL DVD has a run time of approximately 100 minutes and is best suited for children 3 to 6 years old includes the following stories: 

A Trip to the Crayon Factory
Daniel Tiger, Miss Elaina, and Katerina Kittycat take a fun trip to the factory to see how crayons are made but, O the Owl can’t come because he’s sick. At the factory, the kids watch the crayons being made, and Daniel looks and listens closely. Daniel has an idea to take pictures at the factory and give them to O at the end of the day, so that O can learn about crayons too! 

Be a Vegetable Taster!
Teacher Harriet introduces Daniel and his friends to the school’s vegetable garden and convinces them to pick out some healthy veggies for their snack. They explore the garden, picking and trying different vegetables…with mixed results!

Line Leader Daniel
The children are getting new classroom jobs at school. Daniel really wants to be line leader! When he doesn’t get the job he wanted, Daniel is disappointed. Soon he learns that all of the jobs are necessary to keep the classroom running smoothly.

Problem Solver Daniel
Daniel and Miss Elaina are playing with the blocks at school but they each want to build something different. They call Teacher Harriet over to help fix the problem, but she tells them to work out a solution without her. They do, and feel proud that they can figure things out all by themselves.

The Class Votes
At school, Daniel and his classmates get to choose their new class pet! Teacher Harriet explains that they can either get a bunny or a turtle. The kids learn what it means to “vote” and that sometimes it doesn’t always turn out your way. Luckily, ALL of the kids find something to love about their new pet, “Snowball”! 

O Builds a Tower
In the block corner at school, O the Owl is determined to use all of the blocks to build the tallest tower in the world. After many failed attempts, he is frustrated, but Teacher Harriet and O’s friends encourage him to try once again.

Play Pretend
Teacher Harriet shows the children a big cardboard box and asks them what they think it could be. Daniel and Miss Elaina have fun pretending the box is a space ship and a jungle boat, but O the Owl just sees a big cardboard box. With a little help from his friends, O discovers how much fun it is to pretend!

Safety Patrol
Today at school, the children are learning about traffic signs. Prince Tuesday comes for a special visit, wearing his crossing guard uniform. He takes the class on a walk through the Neighborhood and they practice their safety rules all along the way.

CLICK HERE for more information about ordering DANIEL GOES TO SCHOOL from PBS.  They are also offering a 15% off back-to-school discount on all PBS Kids DVDs until August 31, 2015 so now is a good time to peruse their catalog of kids oriented shows.  Also check out the two other The Fred Rogers Company shows, Peg + Cat and Odd Squad which are also some of our family's favorite shows on TV.  All three series produced from the Fred Rogers Company, Daniel Tiger, Peg + Cat and Odd Squad recently won Parents Choice Gold Awards.

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