Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HOME Movie Night

** As part of the Fox Home Entertainment Insiders, A Geek Daddy blog was provided a complimentary HOME Party Edition blu-ray plus a Family Movie Night Planning Kit**

We enjoyed a fun #HomeMovieNight watching HOME which was recently released on blu-ray and dvd. We got our Boov on while enjoying the movie and some extra family movie night goodies our friends at Fox Home Entertainment sent our way.  HOME is a family friendly animated film that is a buddy adventure with a SciFi twist filled with dance party music and humorous quips.

HOME is based on the book The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.  The Earth is taken over by an alien race called the Boov who determines our planet is the best place to hide out from their enemy the Gorg.  The Boov relocate all of humanity to Australia and takeover our cities and homes for themselves.  A teenager named Tip avoids being sucked up in the Boov relocation efforts and finds herself alone and on the run.  She bumps into a Boov named Oh who is also on the run because of an e-mail mishap that puts everyone on the planet in peril.  Oh, upgrades a car so that it can fly fueled by the power of slushies and joins Tip in a quest to find her mother Lucy and undo his error that threatens to alert the Gorg of the Boov's newest hideout.

I'd be like Oh in this picture above if technology was fueled by slushies. How marvelous would that be?!  Slushies, plus Oh & Tip's magical flying car Slushious, play a big part in the film so of course we had to enjoy some slushies for a movie night snack.

In our Family HOME Movie Night kit from Fox Home Entertainment, we were generously provided some ZOKU Slush Makers.  I love slushies and have tried a variety of make them yourself products over the years, and I can honestly say these were the best working at home Slush Makers I've ever used.  They were easy to use, the slushies tasted great, and the glasses cleaned up well.  Instead of trying to freeze the liquid directly its moisture is absorbed to the side of the Slush Maker cup and freezes.  Scraping and stirring creates an icy mix with your choice of juice or soda that makes an excellent DIY slush.  My kids found using the ZOKU slush makers fun to use and really enjoyed their slushy treats.  We made a spot in our freezer for these ZOKU Slush Makers so they are ready to go the next time we want to enjoy a slush for a frozen treat.

Boov love everything round so my wife also baked up some cupcakes for us to enjoy during our Home Movie Night.  My son took on the role of waiter making sure everyone was seated for the movie and had a cupcake to snack on.  It is always fun to try and add some themes to your Family Movie Night snacks like we did with the cupcakes and slushies.

We were provided with the Walmart exclusive HOME Party Edition blu-ray for our Family Movie Night which also included a light up Oh toy that was pretty cool and can be snapped on to a backpack as a decoration.  Finding cool pins and snap on things to decorate their school backpacks is a big deal for my kids and with it being back-to-school time these Oh toys can be pretty useful for that purpose.

The HOME Party Edition also has lots of bonus musical features tied to the movie's soundtrack.  So after you've watched the movie you can throw your hands in the air like you just don't care and dance all about.  The movie's soundtrack features tunes from Jennifer Lopez and Rhianna among other great artists. 

For some fun movie trivia and HOME themed kids activity sheets, CLICK HERE for my #HomeInsiders blog post.  Plus enjoy these fun Family Movie Night planning tips from Oh:

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