Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three BILLION cheers for Talking Tom & Friends

3,000,000,000 - wow! that's a lot of zeroes in that number which represents the astronomical amount of downloads worldwide of apps associated with Outfit7 Limited's Talking Tom and Friends franchise reached at the beginning of October.  So 3 billion cheers to these apps which feature interactive talking cats, dogs, kittens, puppies plus a parrot for good measure on reaching such an impressive milestone!

Talking Tom & Friends started out with the original Talking Tom app in 2010 which featured an animated interactive 3D character that users could tickle, poke and play with via the app.  Users could also get Tom to repeat what they say.  5 years later, the success of that original app has evolved and expanded to now to 16 hugely popular apps featuring Tom and his animal friends.  Monthly these apps collectively generate 250 million active users in over 230 countries and territories worldwide.

"It's an amazing accomplishment to reach three billion downloads, but even more of an honor to know Talking Tom and Friends have entertained and delighted so many across the globe," said Samo Login, Outfit7 Limited co-founder and Chief Executive Officer in a press release sent to A Geek Daddy.  "Thanks to our incredible team who work tirelessly to raise the bar in creative content and technology and continually deliver an entertaining and engaging experience, we've been able to reach this significant milestone."

Talking Tom and Friends app download stats are just one part of this franchise's digital whirlwind of success though.  Combined the franchise has also amassed a whopping 3.5 billion views of its various content on YouTube, while Talking Tom and Friends: The Animated Series has accrued close to 100 million views since it launched on YouTube and YouTube Kids last Spring.  Talking Tom and Friends: The Animated Series consists of 52 eleven minute episodes featuring an all-star voice cast led by Golden Globe and Emmy-nominee Colin Hanks (Fargo) and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants).  Plus new episodes of this online series will be hitting YouTube this month!  Based upon the success of the apps and web-series, a feature film is also in development and Outfit7 Limited has a flourishing global licensing and merchandising program.

So what should we take from Outfit7 Limited's success?  People LOVE talking cats and make sure your kids learn how to develop, produce, and market apps.  The Talking Tom and Friends apps are FREE to download on all major app stores globally.  For more information, or to download an app, visit

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