Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WowWee MiPosaur

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Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this year.  Halloween is always such a fantastic time for our family with all the spooky fun that it involves but it also has us having to be very cautious with all the treats that are passed around because our children suffer from life threatening food allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.  We didn't want to exclude our kids from the thrill of trick-or-treating, especially with that being an exciting event that all their classmates participate in, but did set some important ground rules.  No touching or eating their candy until they return home and my wife or I have screened what they've been given.  Since 80% of the candy they normally receive is dangerous because of ingredient or production contamination issues, we have an annual tradition of our kids trading in their trick-or-treat candy for a special toy surprise they have been wanting.  This year's Halloween special surprise was a WowWee MiPosaur - a robotic pet dinosaur kids can dance with, that will play fetch with them, and can be taken for walks with an electronic leash.

The MiPosaur is equipped with GestureSense™ Technology that allows you to control the movements of your pet robot with the swipe of a hand.  Your MiPosaur will respond to 10 different hand commands ranging from moving right or left following your gestures to acting frightened if you cover its eyes.  Yank its tail though and you'll see an aggressive side as it rolls around to chase you down.  Push your hands toward it and the MiPosuar will sit back and the clap of your hands will have it pop back up on its feet.

There is also an app that you can download for free as part of your purchase price of this toy.  The app will let you drive the MiPosaur around like a remote control car, play BattleMode games where you can challenge another MiPosaur or a WowWee MiP robot in gladiatorial combat, or feed your dinosaur different variations of food to alter its mood.  The MiPosaur's mood will change in relationship to how you interact with it either being curious, excited, and annoyed.  It will react differently to commands from gestures, the app and the included TrackBall depending on what it's mood is.  Here's a tip, Fetch likes to be petted and given snacks after it follows a command or does a trick to keep it curious and excited.

My kids favorite way to interact with their MiPosaur, which they have names "Fetch" is to use the TrackBall.  Your robotic dinosaur will follow commands from how you move the TrackBall around and which of its 6 mode settings it is set on.  My children really like to play fetch with their MiPosaur which is "Ball Mode"-- roll the TrackBall around a room and the robotic dinosaur will chase after it.  "Leash Mode" is also really fun which when activated will have your MiPosaur follow you around as if you were taking it for a walk on a leash.

My daughter just loves though more than anything else dancing with Fetch in "Dance Mode".  MiPosaur really has some great speakers projecting sound effects and music.  The music my daughter and Fetch are dancing to in this video is being emitted from the toy.

Other play modes you can set on the TrackBall include "TeddyBear Mode" where the ball becomes the robot's favorite toy, "Food Mode" where you can reward your MiPosaur with a treat to keep it in a positive mood, and "BeatBox Mode" where when it gets close to the TrackBall the dinosaur will begin to beat box. To change the modes on the TrackBall you just spin this dial on it around to the corresponding labels to activate.

My kids have really enjoyed playing with Fetch so this toy absolutely gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval because of its fun factor and also because we haven't had any technical difficulties with it.  Every parent knows electronic toys can really be hit or miss on how well they work and hold up to child play.  MiPosaur has performed extraordinarily well from our family's experience.

The only knock on the product is that it requires 4 AA batteries for the robotic dinosaur and 4 AAA batteries for the TrackBall which needed to be replaced after a couple days of intensive play.  A nice feature though is that the app does show you a power meter for your batteries so you know exactly how much of a charge you have left with the toy's batteries.  Before buying you should also know this is an "indoor only" toy not because of durability but rather due to the sensor technology used by the toy.  The impressive interaction abilities and treats that WowWee's sensors provide though more than makes up for the lack of being able to play outside with this toy. We also found that MiPosaur worked equally well on carpet, tile and hard wood floors.

For more information, visit WowWee.com/MiPosaur.


  1. What a cool new toy! Hands down beats my daughters first interactive toy, which was the furby. lol! I can imagine what a challenge it must be, trick or treating with kiddo's that have serious allergies. This looks like it would definitely help take their mind off treats. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How fun! I think my son would really like this (and my husband too). :)

  3. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. My daughter would love LOVED this when she was young. Great review.

  4. Well that's pretty stinking cute!! What a great idea though about trading out the unsafe candy for a toy, definitely a clever way to get the best of both worlds for them!

  5. That looks really cool. I would want to play with that.

  6. This toy is so cool! How I wish I can have one too for my little boy. Awesome!

  7. That dinosaur is really cool. I am sure it's going to be a hot toy to buy and get this Christmas for the kids.

  8. Cute video! I think it's cool that this toy is loved by both boys and girls.