Saturday, January 16, 2016

Earn a medal from Toys R Us by participating in Star Wars EPIC BATTLES Challenge

We stopped by our local Toys R Us store this weekend so my kids could be awarded their medals for completing the online Star Wars EPIC BATTLES Challenge.  Go to the STAR WARS: EPIC BATTLES website and you'll find four picture puzzles featuring key locations from the original movie trilogy to complete.  Each location, Hoth, Yavin, Endor, or Tatooine has its own "Where's Waldo" style picture puzzle filled with popular Star Wars characters and vehicles plus some humorous illustrations thrown in to make the game extra fun.  Your mission is to find 5 hidden pictures in each EPIC BATTLE depiction. 

You can zoom in and out plus scroll up, down and side to side to assist you in accomplishing your mission.  Where is that Furbacca?!  Wow is that Indiana Jones swinging through the forests of Endor?!

Once you've found all five of your targets, the website will generate a Certificate of Accomplishment to print out.  You could frame it to display or you could take your certificate to Toys R Us to redeem for an exclusive Star Wars EPIC BATTLES medal.  Players can earn a unique medal for each of the four picture puzzles.  Between now and January 30, 2016 while supplies last you can swing by a Toy R Us retail location and redeem your online certificate for an absolutely FREE Star Wars medal.  Chewbacca may not have received a medal for the Battle of Yavin but my son sure did!

There is no age limit for participating but medals are limited to one per certificate per person per visit.  My son and daughter completed all four puzzles online so they picked the three medals they liked best and I turned in their third certificate for them.  We brought home Darth Vader (Yavin), Ewok (Endor) and (C3PO / R2D2).  The medals are made out of quality materials and have pin fasteners so kids can attach them to clothing, backpacks, or other things that may suite their fancy.  My 7 year old twins had a lot of fun completing the online picture puzzles and were really excited to get some cool Star Wars swag. HINT: We've gone to Toys R Us promos before, especially LEGO ones, where they've run out of giveaway items and my kids have left disappointed so you may want to call your local store before going to pickup medals to make sure they haven't run out of their allocation.  They still had a lot of medals available at the Toys R Us we visited but I'm sure that will vary from store to store.

Whether you are interested in the medals or not, if you are a Star Wars fan make sure to check out these picture puzzle maps while they are online because they are as Darth Vader would say "impressive, most impressive."  Playing the Star Wars EPIC BATTLES Challenge though is a nice way to spend some time having fun with your children doing something they may find a bit adventurous on a Winter day.  For those of you taking on this challenge, good luck and may the Force be with you!


  1. Very cool idea. I had no idea that this was happening and I know that my daughters would love participating in this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How sweet! Looks like a good time for Star Wars fans!

  3. This is so much fun! Really awesome for Star Wars fans!