Sunday, February 7, 2016

USA TODAY publishes free coloring book themed around the 2016 presidential elections

With the Iowa Caucuses concluded, the 2016 presidential election is now officially in full swing as candidates duke it out in a series of state contests across the country over the next few months in hopes of being his or hers party nominee on the November 8th Election Day ballot when voters ultimately determine the next President of the United States.  For those folks who may become irked by the barrage of television ads, telemarketing calls, and direct mail that sweeps through communities during the campaign season or stressed out by knowing that one of these candidates, probably the one you find the most ridiculous, offensive or obnoxious, could very well be the next leader of the free world, USA TODAY is providing a way for voters to unwind and relieve their stress.  Color your anxiety and stress away with USA TODAY's free presidential election themed coloring book "Shades of the Campaign."

This 14 page coloring book can be downloaded at no charge from the USA TODAY website at your leisure.  Color portraits of Democratic and Republican front-runners Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.  Shade in a map of the country predicting which states will be declared Red or Blue on election night.  Decorate images of political operatives sporting donkey and elephant campaign buttons on their lapels.  Or just engage in some silliness coloring an Uncle Sam poster or image of a jackass boxing against a pachyderm.  There are a couple of non-political sheets promoting voting filled with patterns for people to decorate included in the coloring book as well.

USA TODAY's Shades of the Campaign coloring book can be used as a civics lesson to spur a discussion with children about the presidential elections and American democracy.  It is also detailed enough to fall within the trend of adult coloring books that have emerged as today's hot pop culture sensation. Adult coloring books aren't just the newest entertainment fad, health care professionals are encouraging this new trend noting that for adults taking some time out to color can reduce stress, spark creativity, maintain fine motor skills, help keep your mind sharp, and can be just plain fun to do.   Ever wonder what reporters are doing while they are waiting around for candidates to take the stage at debates or arrive at public appearances on the campaign trail? I bet they are coloring!

So the next time you read or hear a presidential candidate stating something your sensibilities find particularly obnoxious lower your blood pressure and put a smile back on your face by grabbing some crayons or colored pencils and a copy of USA TODAY's Shades of the Campaign coloring book.  CLICK HERE to download and print out one for yourself for free.

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