Friday, March 4, 2016

Nat Geo WILD Cable Channel Launches Kids Programming Block for Saturday Mornings

For decades Saturday morning was prime time for children's television viewing. You wouldn't know that now as television channels are filled with news programs, infomercials, and sporting events aimed at adult audiences in what was once the realm of cartoons, tween sitcoms, and educational programming for kids. So I was pleased to find out that the Nat Geo WILD cable channel is launching a National Geographic Kids themed block of programming dubbed Nat Geo WILDKiDS, on Saturday mornings from 7 to 9 am ET ( 6 - 8am  CT) beginning March 5, 2016.

Nat Geo WILDKiDS will feature natural history, science, and wildlife content. Spearheading the line-up will be two original productions from emerging talent within the WILD family. First, Nature Boom Time is a fast-paced adventure series designed to grab kids' attention and get them psyched about nature. In each episode, young viewers join 2014 National Geographic Expedition Granted winner Charlie Engleman on an adventure across the U.S. Together viewers will join Charlie in exploring some of the nation's coolest forests from a new perspective - literally climbing the tallest trees, flying over vast canopies and studying hidden treasures on the woodland floor.

Another show will feature adventure filmmaker and winner of Nat Geo WILD's second annual Wild to Inspire short-film competition, Filipe DeAndrade, who will document his month-long safari in Africa through video diaries and short vignettes designed to inspire future conservationists.

Saturday mornings will also showcase a collection of popular online series from Nat Geo Kids, including 50 Birds, 50 States featuring an animated rapping bald eagle; excerpts from the "kid on the street" quiz show Real or Fake, and characters from Iggy Arbuckle and the popular virtual world, Animal Jam.

Rounding out the schedule, Nat Geo WILDKiDS will offer exciting segments from some of Nat Geo WILD's and National Geographic Channel's most beloved shows, including: Dog Whisperer, Everything You Didn't Know About Animals, The Incredible Dr. Pol, Vet School, World's Weirdest and Brain Games, among others.

Nat Geo WILD Vet School
The Incredible Dr. Pol

"Kids have so much love for animals and the wild world around us that we wanted to create something totally unique to fuel their passion and natural curiosity," Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager for Nat Geo WILD told A Geek Daddy. "By tapping into Nat Geo Kids' incredibly popular original web series, apps, photography and talent, we'll deliver something that doesn't just entertain but inspires a new generation of digitally savvy kids."

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