Saturday, March 5, 2016

So how did C-3PO get that red arm in The Force Awakens?

One of the few characters to appear in every movie of the Star Wars sage to date, C-3P0 -- the protocol droid who along with his astromech companion R2-D2 have become pop culture icons -- was showing some age in Episode VII: The Force Awakens having lost one of his limbs and featuring a bright red replacement to it in the film.  Director J.J. Abrams has mentioned in several interviews that this was meant to differentiate the appearance from Return of the Jedi as a visual tool showing numerous years had transpired between the events portrayed within the two films and many new adventures had taken place by the time The Force Awakens begins.  Of course most movie watchers probably figured that out just by seeing Han Solo and Leia Organa's grey hair.  That being said, C-3P0's red arm was a very noticeable element of the film for long-time Star Wars fans that was never explained in the new movie.

If you were irked by not knowing the back story behind C-3P0's new arm you won't have to wait much longer to find out all the details.  Marvel will have a special one-shot comic book issue arriving on store shelves Wednesday March 30, 2016 that promises to provide readers with the details of this The Force Awakens teaser.  Check out a preview of this upcoming comic book:

Star Wars: C-3P0 #1 will be 40 pages and retail for $4.99 (US).   The comic book was written by James Robinson with artwork by Tony Harris.  Originally slated to go on sale December 2, 2015 before The Force Awakens was released in theaters, approvals from LucasFilm delayed production until the current March release date.  Based upon the original release date of the comic book prior to The Force Awakens arriving at theaters and the awkwardness of the C-3P0 scene in the movie you just have to wonder if Disney orchestrated a tie-in between the publishing and film aspects of its corporate family that went awry which may make this an extra special collectible item to pick up.

So if you are curious about C-3P0's red arm the mystery will soon be revealed.  Stop by your local comic book store or download a digital edition through an online source such as Comixology on March 30.

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