Saturday, June 18, 2016

ROBOTECH Comic Book Series Launching In 2017

There was a year of elementary school where I almost missed the bus every morning because I didn't to leave the house before seeing every minute of one of my favorite television shows ROBOTECH.  This 85-episode animated television series produced by Harmony Gold was based upon Japanese anime and featured sci-fi battles where the Earth had to be defended from intergalactic adversaries.  The TV series revolves around robotechnology which are scientific advances incorporated into Earth's technology based upon analyzing a crashed alien space ship that is discovered on a South Pacific island.  The military utilizes this technology to create transformable mecha -- fighting vehicles that switch between being an fighter jet and a robotic warrior -- to repel three successive extraterrestrial invasions.  As a kid, I was amazed by the mecha in this show and didn't want to miss any of the action!

Even though more than 30 years has gone by since I last saw an episode of ROBOTECH, I became very excited when learning of the news that Harmony Gold is partnering with Titan Comics to create a comic book series based upon the 1980s era anime sci-fi television show.  Titan Comics which currently publishes a popular DOCTOR WHO series plus comic books based upon ASSASSINS CREED, BLACK LIST, DARK SOULS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, and HISTORY CHANNEL'S VIKINGS has demonstrated a knack for transferring television shows, movies and video game stories into print.  Titan Comics is still assembling the creative team of talent that will work on this series and the new ROBOTECH comic book series is planned to begin arriving on store shelves in 2017.

For those of you who haven't seen the original television series that the new comic book series is based upon, its entire 85-episodes can be viewed on Crackle Anime for FREE.  Just click here to view the show.

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