Friday, October 7, 2016


 ** A Geek Daddy received the featured product for free to review**

Happy Hatchimals Day! We received a mysterious egg the other day from Spin Master Toys with a "Hatchimal" inside and my kids have been anxious all week to find out what will emerge out of the shell.  Today's the day for the big reveal! My son and daughter have been rocking, petting and holding the egg to keep it comfortable, safe and warm.  Before your egg will hatch you must nurture and care for it to encourage the Hatchimal inside to break out of the shell.

My kids took caring for the egg so seriously that I even talked my son into sitting on it for awhile like a bird.  It turns out though that my joking him into doing that was the final touch to activate the Hatchimal to start pecking its way out of the shell.  We rushed it into the dining room to sit back and watch as holes began appearing in the shell.  Whatever was inside was ready to get out!

A beak began to poke holes through the shell.  After about five minutes it had cracked an opening around the egg allowing for the creature to crack out of the top.  We're about to get our first glimpse at what is inside the egg!

Well my daughter guessed it would be a penguin and my son thought it would be a dragon.  It turns out that they were both right as the Hatchimal that emerged was a combination of a penguin and a dragon. Meet our Hatchimal the kids have named -- Flappy.

While hatching the toy from the egg was a neat experience, the fun really begins now the Hatchimal is out of its shell.  You know the toy is ready to play with after it hatches when it sings HATCHI BIRTHDAY - a very nice touch! Now let the fun begin!

These interactive, animatronic creatures develop through three modes -- baby, toddler, and kids -- advancing to each level as they spurred on by your attention and imaginative play with them.  Each new mode opens up new features to interact and have fun with your Hatchimal.  Baby mode focuses on caring for the Hatchimal.  Toddler mode allows you to teach your Hatchimal to walk, talk and dance.  You can start playing games with your Hatchimal when it becomes a kid.

There are four games the Hatchimal will play with you: SILLY SOUNDS,  PSYCHIC HATCHIMAL, TAG, and HATCHIMAL SAYS.  In "Silly Sounds," your Hatchimal will tap  a pattern and you need to try to repeat it back. You can ask your Hatchinal YES or NO questions and it will answer them when playing "Psychic Hatchimal".  "When your Hatchimals eyes turn red you need to tap it on the head when playing "Tag."  Complete an instructed task -- pat its head, squeeze its belly, turn it upside down, before your Hatchimal gives another order to win at "Hatchimal Says."

My kids are just discovering all the great things they can do with their Hatchimal but it has already proven to be a toy that has excited and entertained them.  Because it combines an element of surprise by actually hatching from a shell, interactive robotic tech that engages children to participate in creative play, and a cuddly animal toy that boys and girls will adore, Spin Master's Hatchimals have earned A GEEK DADDY nod of approval.

CLICK HERE for more information about HATCHIMALS from Spin Master Toys.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. What a great toy that teaches responsibility.