Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nickelodeon combines the roles of Princess & Knight in new animated television series "Nella"

Nickelodeon often sends some really intricate and detailed press kits to A Geek Daddy when it is promoting a new television series for the children's cable network and I received one of the best ones yet recently promoting Nella the Princess Knight which will be debuting in February.  Inside a cardboard case that folds out showcasing vibrant illustrations of the show's key characters was a necklace with a usb fob hidden inside containing videos of the first few episodes of the series plus screenshot images and written materials providing behind-the-scenes information about Nella the Princess Knight.

With all the detail they put into this publicity piece it really was something I want to share with all our A Geek Daddy followers.  The best part though of it all was this great hologram that shows both the Knight and Princess sides of Nella. First she's in a princess gown than with a flip Nella's in a suit of armor holding a sword and shield.

Nella thePrincess Knight follows Nella, an unconventional 8-year-old, who happens to be the same age as my daughter, who possesses the royal qualities of a princess, like compassion and grace, while also embodying the courage and determination of a brave knight.Whenever a problem arises, Nella embarks on daring quests to save her kingdom through her unique ability to transform from a princess into Nella the Princess Knight.  The first season of Nella the Princess Knight will consist of 40 half-hour episodes features a social-emotional curriculum aimed for preschool audiences, but from our family's experience will probably also be entertaining for elementary school aged kids as well, that promotes self-confidence, inclusiveness and compassion for others.  Following its U.S. cable television launch, Nella the Princess Knight will debut internationally later in the spring of 2017.

As a confident 8-year-old princess, Nella likes dancing at extravagant balls but that doesn't mean she's afraid to confront fire-breathing dragons.She transcends traditional roles and expectations through her ability to transform into Nella the Princess Knight, protecting her kingdom with the help of her friends: Trinket, Nella’s glamorous unicorn and best friend; Sir Garrett, a loyal and adventurous knight; and Clod, Garrett’s trusty steed.

Akira Golz, 12, is the voice of Nella in Nella the Princess Knight. The New York City-based actress has been performing and modeling since the age of five. In addition to lending her voice to Nickelodeon series Dora the Explorer and Peter Rabbit, she has appeared in print and television ads for Lilly Pulitzer, Cole Haan, Honda and Olive Garden.

Samantha Hahn, is the voice of Trinket.  As Nella’s unicorn and best friend, Trinket is always by Nella’s side for all her adventures.Hahn is currently studying musical theatre at Manhattan School of Music.She recently made her professional debut originating the role of Marigold in Nancy Holson's Nutcracker! The Musical.  Hahn is also a newly published author and illustrator of the children's book, Goofsville.

Micah Gursoy, 9, is the voice of Sir Garrett.  This is Gursoy's first professional acting gig.  Must be nice to start out as a kid actor as a lead character on a children's television series. Good luck Micah!

Matt Gumley is the voice of Clod, Sir Garrett’s trusty steed.  Gumley has been entertaining since he landed the role of Chip in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway at 7 years old.  In addition to voicing Benny the Bull on Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer, he spent most of the next decade performing on Broadway with roles in Elf, The Addams Family and Mary Poppins.

In the series premiere, “Sir Clod/Up All Knight,” Clod loses his invitation to the Royal Cafe Breakfast Buffet and must find it by lunchtime or everyone misses out.  Under Nella’s leadership, they brave Gotcha Falls, dodge through a field of poppleberries and traverse the bubbly Sudsycano in order to find it.  Also in the episode, a luminous phoenix shines brightly across the kingdom causing Blaine and the rest of Castlehaven to lose sleep. After the phoenix is locked up in the knight brigade tower, Nella must use her knightly skills to free the bird and convince everyone to come together as a group to solve their problem.

Tune into Nickelodeon with the youngsters in your life to see the February debut of Nella the Princess Knight then share your thoughts with us about what you think about this new show by tweeting @Geekdad248 or visiting our A GEEK DADDY Facebook page.

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