Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Wave 2 of the colorful Splashlings collectible toys has just arrived on store shelves.  After being one of the most sought after collectible toys during the holiday shopping season, Walmart will now be joining the ranks of retailers selling these toys as Wave 2 rolls out this month.  TPF Toys generously sent my daughter some of the Wave 2 assortments for free to play with and they've been a big hit.  She has been playing with them every night after she's done with her homework.  She's also been taking taking extra long baths lately having fun in the water with these mermaid themed toys.  Of course collecting these miniature figurines is also half the fun as she and her friends have been keeping track of who has the most unique collection and trading the toys among themselves ever since Wave 1 came out last year.

Invented by the famed Pound Puppies creator, Mike Bowling, Splashlings provide kids with an ocean full of friends.  Over 100 new mermaids, ocean creature pets, gems, shells, and treasures join the Splashlings family in Wave 2 doubling the total number of collectible items that are now available in the toy line between the two waves.  Wave 2 also is debuting a series of ultra-rare color changing characters for kids to look forward to finding in the Splashlings toy assortments.  When dipped in icy cold water they amazingly change colors.

Splashlings are designed for children ages 5 and older and are available in 12-pack, 6-pack, and 2-pack assortments.  The 12-pack includes a Mermaid, seven displayed Splashlings, 2 hidden mystery Splashlings, and 2 sea shell storage cases. The 6-pack includes 1 mermaid, four Splashlings, and one sea shell.  The 2-packs are mystery bags where you won't know what Splashlings you have until ripping open these foil packs.

 There is also a Splashlings playset available called the Coral Treasure Park.  My daughter has been having a lot of fun playing with this.  I have to say whoever designed it did a very nice job in thinking out the layout for this toy.  It is compact so the Coral Treasure Park doesn't take up a lot of space but has plenty of nice features to keep kids entertained.  It has a lot of pegged spaces that fit with holes on the bottom of Splashlings toys so kids can display and store their collection without worrying about the figurines falling all about.  Plus parents will appreciate there is no assembly required!

Spinning the merry-go-round also causes the swing on the other side of the playset to rock on its own.  Pressing a button activates a launcher that allows Splashlings to sail down a twisting slide on an inner tube into a sea shell pool.  The sea shell pool also provides another storage option for kids Splashlings collection.

The Coral Treasure Park includes a Mermaid, two Splashlings pets, and one inner tube along with the play set structure.  If your child is going to be playing with Splashlings you really should pick them up a Coral Treasure Park.  It is great for both encouraging imaginative play with Splashlings, letting kids display and showoff their collection as well as for keeping these small toys together so you aren't finding them laying in a variety of places all around your house.

If your child enjoys this toy collection, check out the Splashlings youtube channel where you can stream a digital series that can be viewed for FREE.  These animated shows follow five mermaid guardians of the sea as they encounter adventures, fend off dastardly Mer-Pirates, and make new friends while protecting the underwater kingdom of Orabel.  In the first episode, the Mermaids receive a mysterious treasure map and are challenged to retrieve four special treasures throughout the Kingdom of Orabel.

 Splashlings toys can be found at Walmart, Toys R Us, Justice Stores, and on  Since my daughter's enjoyed her collection so much these toys get A Geek Daddy nod of approval.  For more information, please visit

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