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**A Geek Daddy is a brand ambassador for Goldfish Swim School**

I've found since my kids started taking lessons at Goldfish Swim School that it is the personalized touches that really makes the place stand out.  Allowing parents to reschedule classes their children have to miss to a more convenient time without any hassles or extra fees, instructors who enthusiastically provide you with progress reports after every lesson, and students receiving a card in the mail that lets them pick out a free treat from the facility's Snack Shack really go a long way in promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Being able to choose a handful of candy, a bag of popcorn or a granola bar may not seem like a big deal to the average adult but for the children who enthusiastically turn in these birthday cards and relish the snack they choose it is something really exciting commemorating their special day.

My kids actually take lessons at the very first Goldfish Swim School which opened in 2006 at a location that is just a few miles away from our suburban Detroit, Michigan home.   Based upon the success of that first location, over the last decade Goldfish Swim School franchises have expanded across Michigan and into 14 other states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma & Texas).  CLICK HERE to see if there is a Goldfish Swim School located near you.  Each of these locations incorporates a Snack Shack into its layout.

The Snack Shack features a kid-friendly menu of treats ranging from dum-dums lollipops and tootsie rolls to boxes of cereal and of course goldfish crackers.  As the parent of kids with peanut and tree nut food allergies, I appreciate the candy selections that are on the counter at the location we go to  are all brands that don't have ingredient or contamination issues we need to be wary of.  In fact most of the snacks they have available are food allergy friendly and they are all individually wrapped and labeled so people can make their own decisions what may or may not be a fitting option for them.

 If you are heading straight to a swimming session right after elementary school has let out like we have done on several occasions the Snack Shack is a great option to fuel up before jumping in the pool.  For later in the evening grabbing something from the Snack Shack after a class can be a nice reward for a child's hard work in the pool.  Plus if mom or dad need a pick me up the Snack Shack has coffee, soda and tea available.  Families who are juggling busy schedules and a ton of responsibilities will appreciate the Snack Shack which is a nice time-saving convenience that is one of the ways the swim school strives to provide an exceptional experience and environment for its students and their parents.

Want to make more of a splash for your child's birthday?  Consider having a party at Goldfish Swim School.   Their special Birthday Party package includes up to 24 children (ages 4 months to 12 years old) exclusively enjoying a 90-degree swimming pool decked out to celebrate the occasion.  The party package includes:
  • Two hours of private access to the facility;
  • Certified lifeguards on duty to oversee all pool activities;
  • Invitations to the party that include a map to the location;
  • Table coverings, plates, cups, napkins and forks;
  • Balloons, tropical decorations & centerpieces;
  • Cupcakes and beverages for the children;
  • A Goldfish T-shirt for the birthday child.

For more information about Goldfish Swim School lessons and utilizing their facilities to celebrate a special event with a party, please visit goldfishswimschool.com

 ** A Geek Daddy is receiving free products and services to review from Gold Fish Swim School as a brand ambassador. Views expressed are honest and my own **

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