Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pastel Colored Skylander Sensie Toy-to-Life Figures

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There are some new Skylanders toy-to-life figures available for the IMAGINATORS edition of the popular video game franchise this Spring.  Pain-Yatta and Hard Boiled Flare Wolf have a pastel theme to their coloring providing these Skylanders figures with an Easter vibe.  In fact, Hard Boiled Flare Wolf is a limited production Spring edition of the figure that will be hard to find after the Easter season has passed by.  Both of these toy-to-life figures are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who loves to play Skylanders IMAGINATORS and finds them in their Easter basket.  Find out more about the mythology of the two newest Skylanders IMAGINATORS Sensie.

Growing up, Pain-Yatta’s best friend was the legendary Unocorn, a unicorn with a churro-horn that sprinkles magical cinnamon from time to time. While the cinnamon donuts for breakfast were incredible, being so sweet and delicious made them both easy targets for those looking for yummy treats. But Pain-Yatta had no problem protecting the both of them with his giant sucker! One day, however, the Unocorn went missing, and Pain-Yatta was beside himself. He tried desperately to find his buddy, but to no avail. That’s when the Doom Raiders tricked him into thinking that the Skylanders were behind it all, and Pain-Yatta fell for it hook, line, and sinker. He joined up with the band of villains and ventured out to get revenge on the Skylanders, but was eventually captured by the Trap Masters. Master Eon explained that the Skylanders had nothing to do with the Unocorn’s disappearance and said he would help Pain-Yatta find his friend, if he became a Skylander Sensei and trained new Imaginators in the ways of smashing! Pain-Yatta agreed and the search for the missing Unocorn continues.

When Flare Wolf was young, he worked all summer to earn the coveted Fireworks Badge from the Wolf Scouts. In doing so, he had earned the right to light the fireworks in the annual St. Wigglewort’s Day celebration – an honor of which Flare Wolf was extremely proud. But on the day of the celebration, a band of evil Ice Ogres attacked his village and took the entire community hostage! The only weapons at his disposal were the town’s supply of fireworks they were saving for the evening festivities. One by one, Flare Wolf lit them in the center of the Ogre camp, launching a dazzling display of pyrotechnics that sent the Ogres running. Not only had Flare Wolf saved his village, he had also given its residents the most spectacular fireworks show they had seen in over 100 years! Even Master Eon was impressed, and offered Flare Wolf a position at the Academy as the Official Fireworks Launcher. But after seeing him in action, he quickly realized that Flare Wolf had much more to offer as a Sensei! Always enjoying a celebration, this Flare Wolf figure shows off his enthusiasm for Easter festivities with a special pastel outfit.

Skylanders IMAGINATORS allows players to unleash their imaginations like never before by for the first time giving them the power to customize and create their very own digital Skylander that can be played as a primary character within this edition of the video game franchise.  Portal Masters, as SKYLANDERS players are known as, can utilize the game's Skylander Creator option to design their own personalized characters with an  extraordinary amount of options for available powers, abilities, catchphrases, appearances, and much more. Not abandoning the toys-to-life concept though, Portal Masters can still purchase toys-to-life figures called Senseis whose characters when purchased can be uploaded to play within the game as well.  In addition to being able to play the game using one of these toys-to-life figures as a primary character, Senseis will also help Portal Masters maximize the abilities and game play of player's digitally created characters by unlocking unique weapons, increasing an Imaginator's level caps, providing access to special areas in the game, as well as unlocking new secret techniques.

Visit for more information about the IMAGINATORS video game and its accompanying Seneis toy-to-life figures.  If your family hasn't experienced playing a Skylanders game yet give it a try, my kids always have a blast playing these video games.  In fact they even often ask good ole dad to join in the fun playing with them which makes for some nice family time together.  These Sensei figures are just the right size to fit into an Easter basket and are sure to delight any fan of the video game.

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