Sunday, March 26, 2017


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My daughter loves Whiffer Sniffers!  She's covered her backpack with these amusing plush caricatures of sweet treats when school started last fall. They aren't just fun to look at but also are great to sniff as each one is slightly scented to smell like its featured treat.  The school year is almost half over and kids still excitedly run up to her before and after school to get a smell of the Whiffer Sniffers decorating her backpack.  The scents on these backpack clips last for about a year but are also designed so the smell is only noticeable up close so as not to be prominent or overpowering when carried around.  These really are a great way for a child to personalize his or her backpack.

A new Spring collection of Whiffer Sniffers has been released just in time to make for a great addition to a child's Easter Basket, especially for those who suffer from food allergies.  My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and most of the Easter candy sold in store holiday aisles isn't safe for her to have either because of ingredient or contamination issues.  So the Easter Bunny avoids bringing candy and leaves a basket filled with non-edible goodies for her each year.  This year there will be a bit of a twist on that theme though as my daughter will find some sweet treats in her Easter basket that don't present a risk to her --> the newest Whiffer Sniffers to add to her collection.

The whimsical designs and variety of smells incorporated into these plush backpack clips have delighted my daughter so I'm sure she'll be thrilled to find some additions to her collection.  In addition to showing them off, kids also have fun collecting these cute plush creations.  Whiffer Sniffers release new product in waves and retires older versions after awhile so you should be on the lookout and pick up the ones you are really interested in before they can't be found anymore.  The Spring 2017 wave includes a red jelly bean (Jay Bean), cinnamon roll (Howie Roll), bottle of grape soda (Izzy Sodalicious),  ice cream cone (May B. Minty),  jelly doughnut (Phil O'Jelly), orange (Sonny Shine), green apple (Sour Saul), macaron (Maci Macaron) and chocolate milkshake (Mikey Milkshake).  Keep an eye out for Jay Bean as he'll only be distributed around Easter time.

You can purchase Whiffer Sniffers individually either in clear sealed tube that identifies the character or by getting a blacked-out mystery pack container where you can get a randomly selected plush which you won't know what you have until the package is open.  In addition to the fun of being surprised, mystery packs often are the only place to find certain characters.  For example in the Spring 2017 wave Maci Macaron and Mikey Milkshake are exclusive characters that can only be had by finding them in a mystery pack.  If you open a mystery pack and find a sealed bag inside you've really struck gold.  In this case you've got yourself a really rare Sniffer Mix which is a combination of two Whiffer Sniffer characters and are also exclusively found within mystery packs.  The two newest Sniffer Mixers are a Strawberry Milkshake (Bitsy Shakin) and Mint Macaron (Minty Macaron).

CLICK HERE to find a retailer near you who sells Whiffer Sniffers.  They can also be purchased online at  If you want to give a child a sweet treat that won't contribute to giving them cavities pick up a Whiffer Sniffer.

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