Saturday, April 29, 2017


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My son went on a Jurassic era adventure by enjoying a National Geographic Dinosaurs View-Master Experience.  View-Master has updated its viewing experience for today's generation of tech savvy kids.  Now instead of just flipping through colorful slides, View-Master provides its users with incredible 3-D augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.  With the new View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer and the National Geographic Dinosaurs Experience Pack (each sold separately) you can literally walk among the dinosaurs.

Load an app on your smart phone and insert your device within the View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer.  Place what looks like an old-fashioned View-Master reel on a table or other flat surface in front of you.  Then look at it through your VR Viewer.  Suddenly miniature dinosaurs will appear standing on top of the reel right there in front of you through the app's augmented reality feature.  Move around the reel to check out the dinosaurs from different angles.  While this is really impressive it is just the beginning of your adventure.

Use the lever on VR Viewer to click on a digital icon option that when selected immerses you in a 360-degree gallery that resembles a museum exhibit.  As you look up, down and around at the displays within the gallery simply click on the VR Viewer's lever to open up features associated with each image ranging from games and trivia to photo albums and videos.

One of the best options to choose from lets you walk through various environments filled with different types of dinosaurs.  No matter which way you look there is something to see.  It is almost like you can just put out your hand and touch a dinosaur. How cool is that?!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stare a T Rex in the face?  You can do that with the National Geographic Dinosaurs View-Master Experience!

After you've taken a hike through the Jurassic era, head back to the museum gallery area and explore the fossil skeletons on display from every angle.  Play a game that lets you test your survival skills as you take on the role of a dinosaur hunting for food while trying to avoid becoming a meal yourself.  The museum gallery also allows users to access informative facts, photos and videos from National Geographic's vast archive providing an educational aspect that parents can appreciate while its fun interactive features ensure that kids will be delighted utilizing the National Geographic Dinosaur Experience Pack.

My son really has enjoyed learning about dinosaurs with the National Geographic Dinosaurs View-Master Experience.  It really is a fun educational tool recommend for ages 7+ that will get kids enthusiastic about learning.  Are you ready to go back in time for a trek with dinosaurs?!

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