Saturday, April 29, 2017


My kids had a good time watching an advance showing of the first two episodes of YouTube Red's quirky new animated children's series FRUIT NINJA: FRENZY FORCE which debuts on Friday, May 5, 2017.  They giggled through an episode that featured the series' main characters, a bunch of heroic kid ninjas, combat humanoid monsters magically shaped from watermelons and a variety of other fruits.  They were quite  focused on the action in the wacky second episode where the fruit ninjas had to battle an alien that looked quite like a lightening bug who was trying to take over the Earth through distributing his own diabolical version of soda.  This show is a perfect fit for any child who enjoys goofy cartoons.

Based upon the popular Fruit Ninja gaming app that has achieved more than one billion mobile device downloads, the 13-episode series features fruit-themed characters that will be familiar to game players.  Available on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app exclusively for YouTube Red paid subscribers, the show introduces four young ninjas -- Seb, Niya, Peng, and Ralph -- who have been training to unlock the ancient secrets of Juice-Jitsu.  They unassumingly run a juice stand as a front for their secret ninja dojo.  When a time portal suddenly opens, transporting a 1,000 year old ninja named Durian Grey into the modern world, the four young ninjas must confront him and a cast of evil characters who have pledged to wipe the Fruit Ninja clan from the face of the Earth once and for all.

The series is produced by Halfbrick Studios, the original creator of the Fruit Ninja game, in partnership with Toonz Entertainment and Kickstart Productions. YouTube Red is a paid membership that gives viewers an enhanced, uninterrupted experience across YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids. Members also get exclusive access to new original series and movies from top YouTube creators. YouTube Red is currently available in the United States, New Zealand, Australia Mexico and Korea with plans for additional international expansion throughout the year.

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