Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Arckit - Design & Build Your Dream City

The architectural modeling system Arckit is taking building block play to a new level with its brand new Cityscape and Masterplan kits.  For the first time ever people can easily create entire miniature cities from scratch simply by using their imaginations and these Arckit modeling sets.  Dream up a city layout, build it and stand back to take in a real 3D perspective of your design.  Whether a child aspires to one day be an architect or just enjoys playing with building blocks, these model kits are both an entertaining and educational way to spend some time.  Arckit Cityscape is great for young builders being  recommended for children aged 6 years old and up. While the Masterplan kits are a bit more intricate and more suitable for use by ages 12+.  Both of these types of kits are also great for adults who enjoy model building or tinkering around as a pastime.

Arckit Cityscape is designed to inspire dreamers of all ages with a variety of unique kits & components finished in a choice of architect's' white or soft pastel colors. The kits are easy-to-use and follows similar principles to other building toys. First you design your layout, then position your buildings before finishing them off with a choice of iconic roof shapes.

Arckit Masterplan mimics what building design professionals actually use in an easy to use kit filled with snap together architects' white and clear components. The system works in the same way as Arckit Cityscape but allow users to build more sophisticated structures such as skyscrapers and bridges. This advanced kit also comes with illustrative graphic stickers to create realistic building facades.

There are no rules or instructions when it comes to using these modeling kits. To start building, simply click the components together and create incredible city layouts using the foundations, building blocks, walls and tile shapes. There is no glue or mess as the construction pieces snap together. Kids learn as they play, without any boundaries to what should be done or has to be done with  Arckit Cityscape or Masterplan sets. These gender-neutral STEM toys are great for bringing out a person's inner creativity.  If someone enjoys playing with building blocks, they can take their skills to another level with Arckit!

These kits aren't available at stores yet but you can purchase a set over the Internet by participating in Arckit's KICKSTARTER campaign that has an expected product delivery date of this summer.  Arckit products are "Made in Ireland" and the pricing is listed in Euros but they are accepting orders worldwide.  To purchase a Cityscape set would be approximately $27 U.S. dollars and a Masterplan kit would be around $151.  These prices will of course fluctuate some with exchange rates.  There are also some early bird discounts on the KICKSTARTER campaign that are providing some special offers for people who make early pledges as well.

These Arckit sets really are impressive!  Don't miss out on getting them in the hands of a child or teen who would really appreciate them.  What a great way to cultivate the next generation of architects, city planners, engineers, and other future construction industry professionals.  This is really great hands-on STEM educational tool because kids are learning while they are having fun with it.

Visit to learn more about Arckit architectural modeling systems and I encourage you to consider participating in their KICKSTARTER campaign to roll out these new Cityscape and Masterplan building kits.

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