Tuesday, June 13, 2017


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I have a bad tendency to grind and clinch my teeth while sleeping.  This was beginning to chip and wear down my teeth so my dentist recommended a mouth guard to wear at night.  It was a really arduous and expensive process to get a customized one created for me; but I figured that would save me from more costly and painful dental problems down the road.  Ugh! The product I received was bulky, uncomfortable and caused me to gag whenever I tried to go to sleep wearing it.  The dentist tried to modify it but that didn't help and I eventually just threw it away without getting any benefit from it.

Of course my problem didn't go away.  So I was excited to learn about and have a chance to try out a mouth guard crafted by a Metro Detroit dentist that had been featured in a healthy living segment on a local television station's news broadcast.  You can purchase a GrindReliefN mouth guard from retailers including Amazon, CVS, Kmart, Target and Walmart and easily custom fit it to your mouth in the comfort of your own kitchen for a price tag that is now under $50.

I've been using GrindReliefN for a few weeks now and it is working great!  Fitting it to my mouth was super easy.  I simply filled up a coffee mug with water and heated it for 90 seconds in my kitchen microwave.  Then placed the hard white material within the hot water for another 90 seconds.

I scooped the mouth guard out of the cup with a spoon and it was now transparent in color.

Next let it cool down for a few seconds so as not to burn my mouth.  Went into the bathroom and while looking in the mirror I used my fingers to gently mold the mouth guard around my lower front teeth for ninety seconds while slightly biting down upon it.  Simple as that!

Because GrindReliefN is one-third the size of typical mouthguards it has felt really comfortable in my mouth and hasn't caused me to have any gagging sensations when I lie down for bed with it on.  It doesn't need to cover the majority of your teeth like my previous one had done because of its central power bar format which reprograms your jaw muscles to stop your teeth from grinding and clenching.  Plus this feature refocuses your bite to so the force against your teeth is reduced.  I've noticed my jaw isn't feeling sore when I wake up in the morning anymore.

While GrindReliefN has an affordable price it also has a dependable guarantee.  Two things that often don't go together.  GrindReliefN provides a 3-year wear guarantee that you won't bite through this mouth guard within that span.  It is nice to know the manufacturer is backing this product's durability with such a great guarantee.

The GrindReliefN mouth guard also comes with a handy storage case to keep it clean and safe when you aren't wearing it.  If you grind your teeth at night you should check out this mouth guard.  GrindReliefN  gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval for being an affordable, convenient, comfortable and dependable option for protecting your pearly whites.  For more information, please visit  www.grindreliefn.com

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