Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Road Trip Kids Playlist

Summer is here! Which means if you are a parent at some point you are more likely than not going to taking a long car ride with your kids.  To help keep your children amused during the ride, A Geek Daddy has a fun Summer Road Trip Playlist to share featuring artists who focus on performing for kids but whose songs the whole family will enjoy.  You can download any of these songs for FREE until June 11, 2017 or they'll also be available to stream throughout the remainder of the summer.

Enjoy your summer road trips singing along to this collection of  tunes from some of the country's top family music artists. If you like these songs, you can find out more about the artists and purchase additional material by visiting their websites:

Dana's Music Playground -
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band -
Jazzy Ash -
Tim Kubart -
Little Miss Ann and Amy D -
Lisa Loeb -
Red Yarn -
Justin Roberts -
Danny Weinkauf Red Pants Band -

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