Wednesday, August 30, 2017

National Wildlife Federation Launches Cougar Trading Card Collection

When it comes to Los Angeles the first thing that comes to mind is normally an urban metropolis filled with movie stars and other entertainment industry type folks.  Yet in the midst of hustle and bustle of this big city wildlife continues to thrive; including a population of majestic mountain lions.  The National Park Service has been studying these urban cougars since 2002 and has found one of the biggest threats to their continued existence in the area are the busy highways they must cross the get around the territory they roam in.

The National Wildlife Federation has started the #SaveLACougars campaign to help raise funds to create vegetated overpasses, like the proposed Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor, over busy highways where the mountain lions are known to trek.  Money raised will also support other conservation efforts to preserve wild cougars living in the Santa Monica Mountains and Greater Los Angeles area plus assist the National Park Service's study of the animals.

To assist the #SaveLACougars effort, a set of fun and educational Cougars of LA trading cards has been released.  This set features the pictures and stories of the first 54  mountain lions to be included in the National Park Service study.  It consists of 48 full color cards with a durable plastic case.  My kids really enjoyed learning about these big cats and looking at all the impressive pictures while flipping through these cards.  They especially were awed by the cubs that were profiled in the collection.

You can purchase a set of these Cougars of LA trading cards for $20.  All proceeds benefit the National Wildlife Federation's #SaveLACougars campaign.  In addition to the trading cards, there are also a variety of other items available people can purchase to support the effort.  Purchasing a sticker, t-shirt or a piece of artwork all can make a difference in helping preserving these wild felines.  The trading cards also are a great way to teach kids about conservation while helping a worthy cause.  My kids have learned a lot from the set they have.

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