Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Beat Bugs

When Beatlemania swept across the United States in 1964 a large segment of the population was up in arms that the rock and roll band The Beatles was going to lead to the depravity of the country's youth.  Ironically, the band's music is now being used to teach children about life lessons on a delightful animated television series on Netflix called BEAT BUGS.  The show, which is produced for an audience of two to seven year old kids, follows the exploits of five young bugs as they explore a typical suburban backyard which they call home that provides a gigantic space for creatures their size to have adventures in.

Song by The Beatles such as "Help," "Come Together" and "Good Day Sunshine" are incorporated into each episode's story that portrays a valuable life lesson to the show's young audience.  These songs being interwoven into the plots of the series' episodes is a nice way to get parents to "Come Together" to enjoy watching a show with their kids.  It is also a great way to get children interested in music and get them to embrace the teachable moments.  BEAT BUGS was nominated for five 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards and won for Outstanding Writing in a Preschool Animated Program.  It is really a very well done show!

Not only does the music stand out in BEAT BUGS, but also the charming characters in it.  HIJINX TOYS has some really fun products out that will allow children to spend hours engaging in imaginative play with their favorite BEAT BUGS characters.  Here are some of my kids favorites:

Fab Figures

Kids can collect 3-inch scale versions of their favorite BEAT BUGS with these HIJINX TOYS action figures.  These colorful articulated figures are durably built and meant to be played with.  They are really detailed doing an excellent job of representing the imagery of each character from the show.  Great for letting kids play out their own imaginary BEAT BUGS adventures!

Singing Figures

These six inch Hijinx Alive action figures powered by Chirp will actually sing along to songs from the BEAT BUGS.  They will be activated by hearing select songs while kids are watching episodes from Season 1 of BEAT BUGS or through the use of a free app that can be downloaded to a phone or tablet.  Push a button on the toy's stomach and it will also sing a few songs independently of the app and show.  A really nice feature is that when combining multiple action figure characters they will sing along in chorus when paired together.

 Glowie Plush

Kids will love cuddling a Glowie plush toy.  Not only are they soft the snuggle but they furry creatures will sing for you.  There are four colors to choose from (orange, pink, blue & yellow) with each singing a unique song by The Beatles.

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