Thursday, September 21, 2017


Moose Toys' BOOM BLAST STIX makes a nice addition to a family's game night activities.  Players compete to avoid being the person who causes the pile of game pieces called STIX they are stacking to explode into the air.  It isn't about winning this game but rather avoiding being the loser in this explosive game that requires a gentle touch and nerves of steel.

Each player is provided an equal number of stix which each must be locked into the form of a triangle. One at a time players add one of their stixs to the pile. Round and round the turns go as the stix begin to stack up on the playing surface which also doubles as the game's storage container.  Now is the time for good natured taunting about who will make the stixs go BOOM!  Teasing one another about who is going to screw up first is a key part of having fun with this game.

Be careful because nudging a stix in the wrong place or putting too much pressure on one is likely to cause it to pop open.  And if one pops open you're likely to have a chain reaction causing a BOOM of STIX blasting up into the air. Oh no!!!

Whoever causes the chain reaction loses the game.  Then it is time to pick up the stix and play all over again. With only three rules it is easy to play!

  1. LOCK your STIX;
  2. STACK your STIX
  3. But don't BOOM BLAST your STIX!

The games my family have played together tend to last five to ten minutes which is long enough to be entertaining but short enough to keep kids enthusiastic and attentive while playing.  Being easy to set up plus quick to play makes BOOM BLAST STIX especially nice for family game nights.  All the stix blasting up into the air has a wow factor that will energize people about wanting to play.  BOOM BLAST STIX from Moose Toys is a fun, affordable game that young and old alike will enjoy playing together.

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