Thursday, September 21, 2017


The Major League baseball season may be winding down but with STIKBALL from Hog Wild Toys you can imagine yourself staring down a batter from the pitcher's mound whenever you want.  Whether in a backyard or a basement, the STIKBALL and Strike-Zone Target kit lets kids practice throwing the heat.  My son has been having a lot of fun pretending to be a big league pitcher and being able to see exactly where his throws are landing as the STIKBALL splats and sticks to the included target.

Mount the included 20" x 24" strike zone target to any flat surface and with the STIKBALL you can see where it lands on the poster.  Can you throw a bullseye to the catcher's mit?  Paint the corners of the strike zone? Throw the STIKBALL against any flat surface to have it splat and stick to it showing exactly where your pitch hit.

The STIKBALL has a soft sticky outer surface with a moldable core allowing it to be safely thrown against walls, doors, and other flat surfaces.  The STIKBALL AND Strike-Zone Target kit comes with two STIKBALLS and a poster of a wild hog in catching gear to throw at.  STIKBALL provides big time baseball fun indoors or outdoors anytime of the year.  Show off your inner Clayton Kershaw, Felix Hernandez, or Justin Verlander pretending to pitch like a pro with a STIKBALL.

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