Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Sideshow Collectibles, the official distributor of Hot Toys within the United States and Canada, is now taking preorders for an incredible looking action figure based upon the Hulk's appearance in the Marvel Studios' movie Thor: Ragnarok.  Hot Toys has a reputation for creating incredibly realistic sixth scaled action figures that replicate characters portrayed in super hero and science fiction movies.  They aren't resting on their past accolades though as this new Marvel Gladiator Hulk Marvel Sixth Scale Figure is amazing!

Hot Toys produces action figures like these in limited production runs with overall quantities based upon the preorders they receive from distributors like Sideshow.  They fulfill the preorders received and produce a slightly higher number in which the excess are made available for retail sales.  Sometime these toys that are available through retail can sell out very quickly.  Preordering assures you of being able to get your hands on a Hot Toys products you absolutely want and not have to worry about it being sold out.

Marvel Gladiator Hulk Marvel Sixth Scale Figure is crafted to appear like the character looks in the gladiator arena scenes of Thor: Ragnarok.  The toy has newly developed rolling eyeballs in its head to provide an impressive likeness of the Hulk's angry facial expressions in the movie.   The sixth scale figure also features a specially painted muscular body showing detailed skin texture and tendons, a detachable gladiator helmet with real fur, a detachable hair piece, the highly detailed gladiator armor, war hammer and battle axe.  He truly looks monstrous and ready to destroy his competition in the gladiatorial arena of Sakaar!

This Gladiator Hulk action figure stands 42 cm tall and comes with two interchangeable heads showing different facial expressions from the film which are each specially hand-painted.  The toy also features over 20 points of articulation to provide flexibility in imaginatively playing with it or posing for displaying.  Three pairs of interchangeable hands are included so Marvel Gladiator Hulk Marvel Sixth Scale Figure can be posed with forceful fists, relaxed hands or holding the included war hammer or battle axe. His costume includes metallic armor with weathering effects, brown sandals with leather-like straps, and a helmet with red and black colored real fur.

Whether you want to spoil a child with one of the best possible action figures you can possibly get or are looking to decorate a room in your home or office with a really cool item that highlights your being a fan of super heroes, you won't want to miss out on this item from Hot Toys.  It really is impressive!

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