Monday, October 16, 2017

Comical Football Helmet Mashups

Being a football fanatic and comic book aficionado the next few months are going to be an exciting time!  The NFL is back into the full swing of things for their 2017 season and our local hometown team the Lions are showing some potential for having themselves a decent season.  Plus DC Entertainment's Justice League and Marvel Studios' Thor Ragnarok are hitting movie theaters.  My friends at Costume SuperCenter had some fun creating artwork of what the NFL helmets would look like if its teams were based off of DC super heroes and villains instead of the real life AFC and NFC teams. I enjoyed looking through these images and wanted to share them with you.

One conference would include the Denver Doomsday, Miami Aquamen, Oakland / Las Vegas Two Face, and the San Diego Flash.  CLICK HERE to check out all of their AFC inspired football helmet mashups.

The other conference would include the Atlanta Batmen, Arizona Robins, Detroit Cyborgs, Green Bay Green Arrows, Tampa Bay Jokers.  CLICK HERE to check out all their NFC inspired football helmet mashups.

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If you are interested in a football themed costume check out their "Football Player Riding A Cheerleader" outfit. It is sure to make you stand out and get people laughing at its goofy look!

Want to go low key to a costume party or dress up for some tailgating fun?  The "Adult Touchdown" costume is a laid back approach that lets a guy or gal show off some good spirit.

Holy Halloween Costume Batman!  Super hero fans can find DC Entertainment themed outfits for any age, body style, and price range at the Costume SuperCenter!  Check out this "Collectors Edition Batman Costume."

Marvel fans aren't left out either! They have a great selection of these super hero costumes as well.  Including my favorite Marvel comic book character, Daredevil!

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