Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Teen Titans Go

My kids favorite superheroes from Cartoon Network have joined in on the LEGO DIMENSIONS video game fun.  With the Teen Titans Go! Team Pack and Fun Pack players can incorporate characters from the popular animated television series into their LEGO DIMENSIONSs video game experience.  Now Beast Boy, Raven and Star Fire can come to the rescue of the LEGO multiverse!

Teen Titans Go! Team Pack

This expansion pack includes LEGO mini figures of Beast Boy and Raven that can be played with in real life as well as in the LEGO DIMENSIONS virtual world.  The mysterious Raven can fight the forces of evil using magical bolts of fire and electricity as well as by moving objects with telekinesis.  She can also transform into a miniature Soul Self to access remote places or cast Raven's Portal to teleport to otherwise unreachable locations.  Beast Boy also knows no limits to where he can go with his own transformation powers that allow him to fly through the sky as a bird, dive underwater as a shark, or get through tight spaces as a mouse.  Beast Boy and Raven make a formidable duo!

The Teen Titans Go! Team Pack also includes a buildable LEGO brick T-Car for Beast Boy to cruise around in and a Spellbook of Azarath that Raven can take flight upon.  Both of these are 3-in-1 models that can also be transformed into a variety of other things.  T-Car can be flipped into a Forklift or T-Plane as well while the Spellbook of Azarath can also be turned into Raven Wings and the Giant Hand.  These Teen Titans have some incredible accessories to supplement their amazing super powers.  Villains beware!

Teen Titans Go! Fun Pack

Unleash Starfire's powerful green energy blast and kiss the bad guys goodbye when you add the Teen Titans Go! Fun Pack to your LEGO DIMENSIONS expansion pack collection.  The Fun Pack includes a Starfire mini figure character who flies into the game when you place it on the LEGO Toy Pad as well as her dependable Titan Robot sidekick.  In addition to being able to shoot green energy orbs at foes, she can also interact with LEGO Rainbow bricks and regains health quickly making Starfire a great asset to your LEGO DIMENSIONS adventures.

Build her Titan Robot out of LEGO bricks to provide Starfire with a dependable ally that can be counted on to help her save the day in any situation.  Titan Robot is a 3-in-1 model which both physically and virtually be transformed into different configurations.  Titan Robot can also become the T-Rocket or Robot Retriever to provide even more supercharged assistance to the Teen Titans.

Purchasing either the Teen Titans Go! Fun or Team Packs unlocks an exclusive episode of the animated Cartoon Network television show which tells the story of how the teenage super heroes stumble upon the LEGO multiverse and the adventures that follow.  Both expansion packs also provide access to a Teen Titans Go! Adventure World where players can explore settings from the television show including Jump City, Titans Tower and Wacka Doodles Amusement Park as well as an all-new Battle Arena where up to four people can go up against one another in a variety of competitions.

My kids have been thrilled that some of their favorite super hero characters are on LEGO DIMENSIONS now!  They've been having a lot of fun incorporating Sunfire, Raven and Beast Boy into their LEGO DIMENSIONS game play.  Plus the twins have been having a blast exploring the new Adventure World included with these expansion packs.  These are a great addition to LEGO DIMENSIONS.  Go get Teen Titans!

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