Saturday, November 11, 2017

National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America

Bird watching has become a favorite activity for my children and I to do together.  It is something that you can do together as a family outdoors anytime of the year with relatively little expense that provides a great opportunity to get some exercise.  The regular nature hikes I took my kids on as toddlers have evolved over the years into bird watching expeditions as they always get a thrill seeing these creatures in the wild.  It is amazing how encountering birds brings out a sense of wonder in children.

One of our favorite resources to learn about the birds is a book from National Geographic Kids.  Light weight and just the right size to hold in a child's hands or throw inside a backpack, National Geographic Kids BIRD GUIDE OF NORTH AMERICA highlights more than 100 species of birds that you could come across in the United States and Canada.  It's great to flip through before going out on an excursion to provide an idea of what birds you may encounter as well as nice to flip through after getting back home to identify what you may have come across while out and about.

A favorite type of bird that we like to go out looking for during the summer months in Michigan are Great Blue Herons.  They truly are an incredible sight to behold especially when you can get up close to one.  National Geographic Kids BIRD GUIDE OF NORTH AMERICA features wonderful two-page spreads on fifty of the most popular birds that people are on the look out for including the Great Blue Heron.  Enjoy some great photographs of the birds showcased in this section of the book while reading about where they live and what they like to eat.  Each of these profiles also includes a weird fun fact and a facts box with information like a bird's scientific name and wingspan.  All this information is fun to read about for curious minds but also educational as well.

The book also has a section divided by habitats and breaks down which environments different birds live in.  Planning on taking a trip to a different part of the country?  National Geographic Kids BIRD GUIDE OF NORTH AMERICA shows you various examples of interesting birds to keep an eye out for.  Plus the book provides tips bird watching to help make the activity enjoyable for kids.

In addition to birds living in the wild here in North America, the book also gives examples of extraordinary species from around the world that you may be able to see in a local zoo.   The Detroit Zoo recently opened a new penguin exhibit and my children like to read up about these birds in their National Geographic Kids book before our family outings there.  This 176 page paperback book is an eye-opening look at the impressive diversity of birds and encourages readers to get outside and do some bird watching for themselves.

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