Friday, March 23, 2018


My kids had a fun time trying out one of Zuru Toys' newest releases called 5 SURPRISE which is a ball that can be broken open to reveal five goodies hidden inside. There are two colors of these palm sized balls to choose from (pink or blue) and combined more than 300 items between them to possibly discover inside.  The surprise factor, fun goodies, and convenient size of the toy bundles make them great gifts for Easter baskets and Christmas stocking stuffers as well as useful for amusing kids while traveling or distracting them while out and about doing errands.

Kids just dig into their 5 SURPRISE ball to see what is inside.  Pop off a tab and peel it open as the ball splits into five sections each with its own surprise hidden inside.  Both style of balls have their own 150 unique goodies to possibly find.  Among the things you can possibly find inside a blue ball are army men, key pens, a pack of slime, miniature skateboards, race cars, stickers, water balloons and zombie dogs.  The pink balls include color changing mermaid dolls, cute pet mini-figures, dress up princesses, butterfly rings, glitter glue pens, hair clips and silly bandz, among other things.  Each 5 SURPRISE bundle also includes a collectors guide which shows the 150 surprises that can be found in each color of ball.

So what did my kids pull out of their 5 SURPRISE balls?  My son pulled out a bag of slime, a sticky octopus that will crawl down a wall it is tossed against, a plastic shark, miniature ninja figure and some stickers.  There was a lot of tossing that octopus around the room!

My daughter discovered a butterfly hair tie, small journal writing pen, an ink stamp with a strawberry image, mermaid mini-figure, and a highlighter that looked like a popsicle.  I noticed her the other day working on some homework with her 5 SURPRISE pen and popsicle highlighter while wearing a ponytail using the butterfly hair band so she's been getting some good use out of her discoveries.

5 SURPRISE put smiles on both my twins faces and they enjoyed the mystery of opening up these toy bundles and finding a variety of little treats inside that they've gotten enjoyment out of.  So 5 SURPRISE has earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval.  For more information, head over to

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