Wednesday, March 7, 2018


SCRIBBLENAUTS SHOWDOWN is a whole lot of fun for a family game night.  This kid-friendly video game makes players flex their brain power as they have to utilize their creativity and vocabulary to outsmart opponents through fun, and often times funny, scenarios.  My kids have been having a blast competing against each other in SCRIBBLENAUTS SHOWDOWN and with the ability for up to four people to play at once it is easy for the whole family to get in on the action.

Available for Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony's PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Nintendo Switch, SCRIBBLENAUTS SHOWDOWN is an amusing game that is sure to entertain both children and adults with its Showdown, Versus and Sandbox modes making it great for families to play together. It is full of goofy characters, whimsical situations and scenery; as well as energetic, fast-paced challenges that have players battle against one another in dance offs, eating contests, and tug-o-war brawls among other unique, fun competitions. Ready. Set. Party!

Showdown Mode is particularly great for families to play together with its board game style format. Players attempt to be the first to have their Scribblenaut race across a map  having to take part in over twenty-five mini-games to get ahead.  In these mini-games you must use your wits and imagination to conjure up items to assist in overcoming a challenge.  There are more than thirty-five thousand words in the SCRIBBLENAUTS SHOWDOWN dictionary of objects and characters you can summon to help you beat your opponent in the various mini-games.

Within Showdown Mode, 'Wordy' games require players emphasize creativity to be successful in a variety of scenarios.  For example in one of these mini-games players must select something for an opponents to sit on for a 100 meter race.  Who do you think will win when one person is sitting on a chair and the other is hoisted up on the shoulders of a sloth?  Speaking of racing, there are also 'Speedy' mini-games in Showdown Mode where players are pitted against one another in a race to complete an assortment of humorous challenges. 

Each player in Showdown Mode is given a hand of cards which when drawn can trigger a mini-game where the winner gets the card's listed reward, cause an opponent to have to immediately move back on the game board a few spots, or allow your Scribblenaut to move ahead a number of spaces unchallenged.  The card aspect adds the need for players to strategize and really provides the feel of playing a turn-based board game.  What I liked about Showdown Mode as a parent is that it makes players use their brain in 'Wordy' challenges plus hand-eye coordination and dexterity in controlling characters in 'Speedy' competitions while also having a board game format that does a nice job of keeping everyone involved and interested while playing SCRIBBLENAUTS SHOWDOWN together as a family.

SCRIBBLENAUTS SHOWDOWN also has a Versus Mode where one or two players can compete in special head-to-head challenges such as a medieval duel fought with conjured weapons, a magic carpet contest where players pick an item that piles up until one of the carpets is overloaded and sinks (I picked ghosts and that worked out very well!) or a tower battle where catapults fire items trying to tear down the opposing player's structure (tanks and whales make for great projectiles!).

There is also a Sandbox Mode where two players can just wander around a number of different environments interacting with things and harassing each other.  I flew over a jungle temple wearing a backpack helicopter shooting a flame thrower at my son who had transformed his Scribblenaut into a vampire wearing a super hero costume while playing around with this mode.  My daughter and wife raced a pegasus versus a unicorn when they took a turn.  Unleash your imagination with Sandbox Mode!

For more information about this video game, head over to SCRIBBLENAUTS.COM.  Available now in the United States and Canada wherever video games are sold.  Check it out!

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