Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Marvel Studios' THOR: RAGNAROK is now available to add to your home entertainment library on Blu-ray, Digital and DVD.  Fans of the movie will also want to take a look at bringing home some of the main characters featured in the film by getting themselves some great looking toys and statues available from Sideshow Collectibles.  These are sure to make eye-catching decorations for a child or teen's bedroom, home theater, family game room or basement man cave.

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Hot Toys has earned a reputation for making action figures that are amazing sixth scale reproductions of what sci-fi and superhero characters look like on the silver screen in movies they are featured in.  These are some of the most impressive action figures you can get your hands on and the ones they've created for THOR: RAGNAROK are amazing to look at.  These figures have incredibly detailed body sculpts, are dressed in costumes that use first-rate materials, and equipped with top notch accessories.


Marvel Gladiator Thor Marvel Sixth Scale Figure has a head with a movie-accurate detailed likeness of Chris Hemsworth, the actor who portrayed the character in THOR: RAGNAROK. It has a muscular body that has over 30 points of articulation and seamless elbow joints as well as four pairs of interchangeable hands (relaxed, fisted, open handed, fitted for holding weapons) to provide a lot of flexibility in recreating poses from scenes in the movie.  Dressed in his gladiatorial armor, the sixth scale figure also comes with a red-colored cape, helmet, shield, and a variety of weapons including swords, daggers, and a mace.


One of the highlights of the movie is seeing the Incredible Hulk stomp into a battle arena to take on Thor in a gladiatorial match.  Hot Toys has done a smashing job of recreating the likeness of the character as he appeared in the movie as a sixth scale action figure. Marvel Gladiator Hulk Marvel Sixth Scale Figure even recreates the crazed look in the Hulk's face during this scene with a special separate rolling eyeball feature and a hand painted head sculpt to help mimic the character's expressions.  The toy's body has detailed skin texture and tendons, 20 points of articulation,  built-in neck and arm joints and three interchangeable hands.  It also comes dressed in a gladiator costume that includes a helmet, sandals with leather-like straps, and two weapons (war hammer / battle axe).


Marvel Hela Marvel Sixth Scale Figure has a head sculpt with a striking resemblance to Cate Blanchett, the actress who had the role in THOR: RAGNORAK.  The action figure wears a headdress with black-colored horns, a specially tailored movie accurate Hela outfit with magnetically attachable green colored cape, two swords, and a damaged Mjolnir to grasp in her hand just like how she humbled Thor with his hammer in the movie.  The toy also has 28 points of articulation as well as seven interchangeable hands (gesturing, relaxed, sword holding & one for holding Mjolnir).


Iron Studios has crafted several art scale 1:10 THOR: RAGNAROK polystone statues featuring characters from the movie in battle stances.  These artworks rock and really look great on display!  Choose from Thor, Hela, Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie.

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