Monday, April 2, 2018

Strictly Briks Giveaway

What kid doesn't love constructing buildings and vehicles with plastic toy bricks? My son and daughter have spent countless hours during their childhood fabricating incredible creations and imaginative adventures with them.  If you know a child that enjoys playing with toy bricks, A Geek Daddy has a great giveaway for you! One lucky entrant will win a Strictly Briks' Trap and Gap Baseplate playset.

Strictly Briks' Trap and Gap Baseplate playset allows kids to take their brick building to new levels by designing their own towers complete with trap doors and ramps. These structures make great spots  for action figures, diecast cars and other toys to be played with in adding some multi-functionality to brick building experiences.  These playsets are great for getting children to use their imagination while playing as they pretend their Strictly Briks building is a castle tower, parking garage, superhero headquarters or doll house. 

Plus, Strictly Briks playsets are compatible with all comparable toy building and construction bricks.  They are guaranteed to have a tight fit with any standard size building bricks, no matter what existing brand a family may already own. In addition to being used to make new freestyle creations, Strictly Briks solid baseplates are also great foundations for holding and showcasing buildings built from other brands' playsets.


The Strictly Briks' Trap and Gap Baseplate playset includes two 10" x 10" solid stackable baseplates in gray and green, two 10" x 10" stackable baseplates in blue and gay with traps and gaps incorporated into them, and 15 stacker bricks.  So who wants one of these playsets?! Just complete the rafflecopter entries below before 11:59 pm ET on Friday, April 27, 2018 for a chance to be our randomly selected winner.  Must be a United States resident to be eligible for the prize.  Strictly Briks will be responsible for delivery of this giveaway prize. Additional accessory toys shown in the pictures within this post not included.

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