Monday, April 2, 2018


A Geek Daddy is co-hosting another great Toy Insider Twitter Party on Friday, April 6 from 11am-Noon ET.  Join in as we chat about Insect Lore's incredible gift sets that get kids ages 4 and up interested in nature, biology and other aspects of STEM learning.  Plus we'll be giving away gift sets that let kids get an up close look at ants, butterflies, lady bugs and praying mantises.

Follow @Geekdad248, @TheToyInsider, and @InsectLore; participate in the Twitter Party conversation plus answer trivia questions using the hashtag #InsectLore and complete this RSVP form for a chance to win gift sets during this hour long event.  Must be a United States resident to be eligible for prizes.

Insect Lore's let children learn about the lifecycles of insects and then give back to the environment by releasing butterflies, lady bugs and more into your neighborhood.  All of the insects available in these gift sets are great for making helping make backyard gardens healthy and none of them are considered invasive to local environments.  Read about the different Insect Lore gift sets we'll be giving away during the #InsectLore Twitter Party over at the Toy Insider's website.  Which one would be your family's favorite? ants? butterflies? lady bugs? praying mantises?

Hope you will join us in bugging out during this Spring Break week! Give me a shout out if you are partying with us! Plus don't forget to fill out the RSVP form for a chance to win some of these great prizes.

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