Saturday, June 16, 2018


Something that always catches my eye when I'm taking my kids to their swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School is the number of guys participating in the parent-tot swim sessions. In fact, at our local Goldfish Swim School I've noticed a few sessions filled with just dads spending time with their kids in the pool. What a great opportunity for some fatherly bonding by spending some Daddy & Tot swim time together!

For those of you with infants and toddlers at home, Goldfish Swim School provides an opportunity for fathers help their children that are 4 months to 36 months old get comfortable with being immersed in water with infant / toddler swim sessions. Introducing a child to getting into a pool at a very early age can help prevent him or her from developing an anxiety about swimming or a fear of water later on in life. Plus it is also a nice way to spend some time socializing a child around other people while having fun. Toddler aged kids also begin to receive water safety lessons to help them be cautious and prepared for dangerous situations.

Getting children accustomed to spending time in the water as preschoolers also can provide them with confidence to participate in swimming lessons when they get old enough for them. My wife and I participated in parent - tot classes with our twins and when it came time for actual swimming lessons my son and daughter had no hesitancy about getting into the pool. I have to give credit to those session in the pools for avoiding them having anxiety about swimming when they started taking lessons because honestly they can be a pair of real scaredy cats at times.

Here's another thing for dads to keep in mind.  Pediatricians recommend that skin-to-skin contact strengthens the bond between a parent and an infant. Spending some time in the water during a Goldfish Swim School infant / toddler class can be a great way for a dad to get some of that valuable contact they might not otherwise regularly be getting as often as mom does with a little one. Plus it is an enjoyable way to spend some fun time with a son or daughter by participating together in one of these parent-tot classes.

The water is warm … in fact Goldfish Swim School always keeps it heated to a comfy 90 degrees … so dads go jump in there with your kids! Create some memories and enjoy the experience of daddy-tot swim time. To find a location near you or to find out more information about these parent-tot sessions, head over to

A Geek Daddy receives free products and services as a brand ambassador for Goldfish Swim Schools. Opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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